Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Mysterious Yoga Nidra of Lord: Mahavishnu!

During ‘Pranayamic Meditation', ‘Kundalini power’ ignites my subtle consciousness and it gets unleashed. The empowered soul gushes out of my head, house and crosses accumulation of clouds up in sky then up to moon, terrestrial planets, interplanetary dust, comets, asteroids, stars and whole galaxy and so on. 


The liberated soul expedite through strange space of horrifyingly altering temperature of deep silence! Even further, billions of light years away, could sense the incredible vibe of Lord: Mahavishnu who is in his ultimate ‘Yoga Nidra’; which is a state of hibernation while aware of everything. 'The Antaryami' found laid on a bedspread of a thousand hooded great serpent in the universal ocean called ‘Ksheera Saagara’ which is a representation of the Milky way. The Snake Adisehsa of infinite dimensions is the coiled Cosmic energy in the Solar Plexus (Mooladhaara).  

This description is out of feeble humane imagination which may sound too low or deficient in comparison to the unconditional cosmic form of ‘the sole energy resource’ of the universe, which stands far beyond the reach and cognition of human brain. Nobody has any clue about the mystery behind the slumber of Lord Vishnu! His supreme cognizance defines mass, space and time pertaining to all movable and immovable objects and mechanisms in the universe. Whole world is originated from his cosmic form and remain as a part of it; for that matter even I and you too! The preserver silently and endlessly manifests variously and runs the show of maintaining this entire cosmos for uncountable number of Yugas, as a part of his obligatory duty. 

I'm eagerly longing to integrate myself into the Lord's totality upon succesully completing the probationary human life!

NB:- While meditating, I recommend you to listen to this Spanish track: 'Angelo Milli - La Mujer De Mi Hermano - Love Theme'.

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