Thursday, July 14, 2016

Life flows unnoticed!


It irritatingly sticks and stinks when I sweat. I resume to get shattered as each moment passes by even soon after a bracing shower. But, I won’t quit instead would keep worrying and acting upon the problem with infinite baths. I never rest in peace as far as I’m alive. Nevertheless, I never throw my contemptible laughter at the benchmarks being set by society to gauge the success or failure of a human life too!

Upon a micro-analysis I could easily make out that worldly possessions including own body are long term liabilities but I was preached to term it as ‘life time achievements’. My life craves for the fulfillment of worldly needs which requires inexorable efforts sacrificing time and vital energy though it fetches me nowhere. Natural instincts like hunger and lust point out that there is no end to my disastrous needs and evolutionary greed. The life-yacht floats in the toils and pangs of covetous grandeur to which I’m succumbed to. With supreme confidence, I put in my best to embrace luxury to ease my life.

Body experiences pain and pleasure through sensory organs. Life lies in between the incessant interchange of agony and desire. My mind raves according to noble or evil emotions. Whereas the soul within remain unawaken; which is known to be a splinter of ‘Brahmam – eternal nullity’. It is a term referred to the unanimity behind the assortment in all that exists in the universe. The completeness of life lies in the ‘ultimate smile’ expected to be blossomed at my lips in pursuit of realization behind ‘own existence’ and ‘correlation of self with each and everything we experience around and heard off about!’.

- My interpretation on behalf of another homosapien!