Saturday, January 23, 2016

Happy B'day!

"Tomorrow is my Birthday and I'm keenly awaiting for those midnight calls from my friends, relatives and colleagues to wish me a ‘Happy Birthday’ infused in amusement! My social media accounts will be flooded with Birthday greetings. I will be specifically noticing those mute-antagonists who would not even mind posting a line of ‘Happy Birthday’ on my Facebook wall! When I go to my office on tomorrow, I anticipate every lousy faces I come across to throw a sensational smirk at me with an overwhelming piece of greetings. I will be interested to count the number of cakes being bought to surprise me and of course it matters if it’s of big size and scrumptious flavor. It entertains me when the whole crowd around me clap as if I’m on a verge of winning a 100 meter sprint, when I blow the frightened flames dancing on top of the weeping candle-towers planted around the cake. It displays my popularity and congeniality amongst my peers when they take an extra-liberty to glue the cake-cream on my face, spray the foam and to kick aback religiously with hysterical laughter. I’m prepared to spend one month’s of my gross salary to treat the impatience of my lovable around a multi-cuisine restaurant table. As I can early step out of the office for the day, the day gets concentrated upon meeting my mischievous band of kith and kin. More cakes, wines and food to enthuse and fuel my final hours of the birth-night!" 
I being a Human resource professional, it demands to wish each employee on their birth dates and it’s not more than a gentle line of formal greeting. But, what’s bothering me is the reason behind this hyper celebration. Nowadays, people are observant and servants of trends seen around. They're least interested to be cognitive about the 'sense or nonsense' it make. Birthday celebrations are one of such addictions we are enforced to pursue over last century. It’s admirable if someone remembers the greatness behind their entry into the earth and thank the parents and supreme nature. But, when it’s celebrated with annoying eagerness by spending thousands, lacs and even crores it looks embarrassing, foolish and irrational.
As an individual, I neither greet anyone or wish to get greeted on account of Birthdays. But, it’s a fact that I love when my mother reminds me a day prior to visit any nearby temples and to express gratitude to the almighty on my astrological birthday! However, it’s none of my business to comment on other’s way of celebrating their Birthdays but I can only be exasperated to the core witnessing the undesirable piece of delight seen in some people on their so-called special days!
NB:- Tomorrow is not my Birthday!