Thursday, September 11, 2014

Life goes on..!

While he was a school bee, through every Saturday night, he underwent 'liberation' from sharp worldly clutches. As it creates an overwhelming state of sedation in anticipation of freedom in due, on the coming day to invest some time out of his lifespan at wandering around his sensual and nonsensical virtuality. He wished to be isolated and blocked himself from highly sophisticated radars around. His temporary escapism ...stood hair strips away from sadism and insanity. He was active in loneliness and off amidst crowd. He started recognizing that most mysterious fact in the universe lies within which requires immediate attention. The best thing which he felt that he could do for himself was to unleash the most pampered but buried component within; no matter how creative or destructive it was.

But, he was strictly taught by his well-wishers to ditch off some of his in born drives which the majority of others found disgusting. Quietly he found out that this is an utmost toughest place to survive and thus either to run or ruin! He practiced to ignore his inner voice perennially and for that he was appreciated and honored. He went by trends than of his intents. When he came out of his natural motives, others positively labelled him as 'matured'. Whenever his confused dilemmas tried overlapping his furnished empire, he blacked those out referring the predefined guidelines formed by the rest. It was safe for him to journey through the pragmatic path ushered by reputed humans. He adored most popular mistakes and which governed him into better applications of societal life.

He drove his life as per the formulae derived by his so called successful predecessors, even though he was not obvious but oblivious on spending his mechanical energy. He sacrificed his intellectual preferences for sake of his well wishers and opponents. Eventually he became an expert in self marketing which gifted him better roles to play in the drama. He extremely focused to not to recover from the intoxication he was in. Followed by every biological breath, he dedicated his thoughts and actions for his travel mates.

One fine day, while his nostrils stopped recycling the air, he heard a symphony in identification of his own soul. That moment challenged to seize the supreme potency he was gifted with and it got evaporated into the absolute nothingness. His soul departed as just how he was born. An undesirable transition without pursuit of transformation demanded another journey to the earth!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Shree Narayana Guru (Nanu)!

The Brahmin community withheld the rights to Vedanthas from the rest, for millenniums which in turn happened to be the key reason of unawareness amongst Hindus about own religion. Majority of Hindus are in oblivion as they fail finding apposite reasoning for their innate belief, including me. For generations, they get engrossed with superstitious thoughts and actions by default.  Thus, they crawl in obscurity without even knowing ‘what is god?’ 

‘The Guru’ was a torch held spiritual reformer who tried nullifying the aftermaths of caste system in Hinduism and the categorical monopoly of Brahmins towards Vendanta and religious affairs. He denounced the fallacies associated with the caste system. Caste system was incorporated by the mid of ‘Dwapara yuga’ and this bifurcation was made in the basis of four main stream professions which was existed in the civilization of that time. As centuries passed, caste began to be inherited rather than getting acquired by merit or attributes.  Unfortunately this separation sneaked into the spiritual facet also which caused building an indestructible barricade in the social order which made so called lower caste’s life miserable over the time. Various castes and sub-caste lead their life as per customized versions of customs and rituals correspondingly. As a result, the word ‘caste’ kept on acquiring vindictive meanings. During ancient times, non-Brahmins were prohibited to get exposed to Vedanta and Upanishads; lower castes were cast off from versatility of the societal bliss. I heard that none of the Vedas mentioned about Casteism! At the end, Swami Adisankaran was enlightened that caste system was manmade and its social definition in existence is bizarre. Swami Vivekanandan and Raja Ram Mohan Roy too tried to abolish ‘un-touchability‘ and to stamp out the weird notion about Casteism; the poisoning caused to the world's eldest religion. 

At present, for any socio religious affairs castes and communities are being considered and society is both the beneficiary and sufferer of this mechanism.