Thursday, March 20, 2014

Down fall of tear drops!

Dad rang me and told, ‘It’s wretched. Monsoon is deadly destructive this time; we lost everything in the farm. It’s hell in here!’ 

I am far away from my native. No sign of rain but only dark smoke and blurred dust around. Chilly weather is the only sugared part in Bangalore; and i am adored to this clime very much.

But, I feel like to be in Keralam now, in home. There will be no power supply from tree-fall of burly wind and rainfall, so no TV or internet. There will be no sign of sun in sky. I will be simply sitting on chair at the foyer alone whole the day! Listening to the varieties of music made by water, animals and birds. Then, seeing around the house, the wet green-nature in dull mist. I think, it tastes better than any movies run at the multiplex theaters. Sometimes I will be having long chit-chats with my Grandpa, dad, mom, uncles etc.; kind of recalling about the lovable past or any heartening topics! :'( 

Walking across the village with my red colored umbrella with my friends and cousins, climbing mountains at a breathe of the purest oxygen! Having 4 times homely-rations a day makes me the happiest man. Also, Reading books, dozing off whenever I feel like to.  Painting in cool clammy climate, watching kids playing football on the muddy paddy-field-ground in front of my home, hearing frogs crying aloud from over-filled wells and from orange colored water-streams would really been an intriguing part of my life. Thereafter a deep siesta under chunky and spongy bedspread with 2 pillows (one under head and another between my legs) and hearing thunder-bolts often, then rolling left and right on bed at my utmost freedom and lightening of feelings hidden inside. I feel like to hear the pour-down of rain-drops from scaffolding on to the courtyard audibly. That’s living. A great feel of being me. I miss it now...... ;'( 

If i got fever, then it's going to be the most glorious time. I don't even bother to get up from bed. My mom will be in-charge of me henceforth including the spoon-feed of hot rice-soup. 'A course of shivering feverish-days at home with mom'. When will those days come again!?