Thursday, June 30, 2011

'Revolution in Malayalam movie industry.'

'Don't waste time on watching movies, the useless time killers!' I brought up hearing this from every angle.  But, watching genuine movies is as much as meaningful as reading novels. Novels convey the VIBGYOR in life; movies too do. How food and beverages to body; books and movies to mind. I couldn't visit many places, I couldn't meet more people and I couldn’t experience more life; but, unknown facets of life flowed to me through movies and books. For me, movies and books are the best universities. I do rate people by understanding the types of books he/she reads or movies he/she watches. Literature and art transmit superlative feel. But, taste varies from man to animal. After reading a novel or watching a movie, if you didn't undergo a transformation, then the particular novel or movie seems to be waste. A positive change to my 'thinking stream' is what I anticipate from a movie; the alchemist.

I watch English and Malayalam movies and none from any other language. I started watching English movies after my laptop purchase; which happened 3 years back. I am a sheer lover of classic movies in both my mother language and universal language. I appreciate and criticize movies right from heart on ground of my personal perception. A box office hit movie may be a flop movie to me and vice versa. I believe that standard of beholders will judge the financial success of a movie rather than the standard of the movie. Many times I remained silent in movie theaters when the whole crowd laugh out loudly; either something is wrong with me or with the movie. I see many film-posters in Bangalore since last 3 years, on which blood, knife, sword and pistol are notably displayed to attract prey. Here art value encounters in front of the majority of public need; also, a constraint is being formed to the minority of public who love the art form called movie!   

If movie is a food item, actor is waiter and director is chef. So, I admire more those who work at the back end. Actors should apply their flair in garnishing the feel and expressions and exhibit which the director indented to explore. It should evolve from the solid understanding between the director and actor and the consideration towards the realty of life. I hate exaggerations and superstitions on movies. 

From past 5 - 7 years I was disappointed by the standard of most of the new Malayalam movies and happy with the eminence of Hollywood movies and avoided watching new Malayalam movies. Heroism has spoiled the splendor of 'god's own movies'. I found glory with the movies like Godfather series, a beautiful mind, the departed, no country for old men... Etc... But, things have been changing nowadays in Malayalam film industry. A trend is rising and quality-movies are being made.

The names I like the most in Malayalam film industry are Padmarajan, Bharathan, Sathyan anthikad, Sibi Malayil, Lohithadas, Sreenivasan, Ranjith, Raveendran, Ilayaraja, Yesudas, Nedumudi Venu, Thilakan, Mohanlal, Mammootty... Etc... There are even more names whom I admire. I couldn’t have mentioned ‘Adoor Gopalakrishnan’, simply because I haven’t watched any of his movies unfortunately! The aforesaid have engineered and shaped Malayalam film industry into a lively one. I have not mentioned many names knowingly, because I’m not making an essay on the pioneers of Malayalam film industry. Kerala-culture stays alive still through the efforts made by Bharathan or Padmarajan. They have engulfed the healthiest way of living in the society and created strong benchmarks for the ones who wish to know more closer the life.

On pages or screen, every mannerism counting love, lust, sentiments, anger, fright, rage and so on should come out in the raw form instead of reproducing them as a user friendly end product.  This factor depends upon an artist’s guts. An artist (director) should be courageous, independent and blatant. There is no text book-equation made up for the success of a director. The essential capital of such an artist should be something beyond any explanation. Spontaneity and uniqueness should be the symbol of good movies.

Now, I hear the musical footsteps of new entrants in to Malayalam film industry. They started serving fresh, innovative and nutritious food items rather than serving junk food. I believe that good time have come for Malayalees to cheer up. 

I am a common man who wishes to clap at good's and howl at bad's. Here, I aspire to share my joy with my friends, of watching the kind of movies I wished for. I can't recommend the movie I liked for Oscar awards or National awards; but, surly I can make my friends watch it and sprinkle ecstasy.

The following are the movies which inspired me to initiate this blog post. It’s a place wherein I put across my feedback on the movies I enjoyed watching and thus showcase proudly. Here I do not wish to praise the grandeur made by the movies like Neelathamara, Bhramaram, Pranayam, Urumi and other super hit movies we have seen over last couple of years. My attempt will reach only the movies which brought the ‘difference’ in a row.

Paleri Manikyam: Oru Pathira Kolapathakathinte Kadha, Cocktail, Traffic, Salt N Pepper, Apoorvaragam, Thirakkadha, Unnam, Indian Rupee, Pranchiyetan and the saint, Ee adutha kaalath, 22 Female Kottayam, Beautiful, Melvilasam, Chappa Kurissu, Ordinary, Grandmaster, Usthad Hotel, Friday.. Etc... These are some of the movies made me flattered!

Akale, Ritu, Ore Kadal and Arike are unique from diversity. Shyamaprasad stands out among the directors in Malayalam. He brought perfectionism in his movies and the numbers of awards on his show-case show cases his talent.

‘Akale‘ was a story of an Ango-Eastern family lives in Keralam. Every characters in film possessed distinctiveness in outlook.  Shyamaprasad drew out even minute fragments of their daily life. The movie concealed an overwhelming sense of life from a different angle. Prithviraj’s performance as a writer in the making with no support from surroundings, Sheela’s performance as a helpless possessive mother and Geethu Mohandas’s performance as one with no confidence for the state what she is on pooled as a family on screen and this chemistry made the movie a unforgettable one.

‘Ritu’ shed the leaves of changes happens in humans over the course of seasons. 3 intimate childhood friends rejoin after a long while in intention to run their life together. The trio represents many friendships seen in new generation without minding gender. Nishan’s role was the vital one in the story. Casting done for Nishan’s brother’s character was outstanding. Rima Kallingal lived in the movie as a metro girl who is unhappy about the family life and fallen in materialistic horizons around her. She was accessible to more than one man at a time; a typical modern girl who is well-educated and independent in modern society who is dare enough to think out of the obsolete box made by generations over years. ‘Ritu’ was a signpost in Malayalam film industry which initiated so called new-generation movies.

‘Ore kadal’ was made based on a Bengali novel. The protagonist of the story is an unmarried intellectual economist who considers his sexual needs as something which has to be dumped on any girl whom he gets attracted towards. The movie starts from a point at which he cheers up on the death of his only one relative in the world. He loved to live alone without commitments to anyone. Life situations of 2 entirely different humans were the gist of the story. Mammootty and  Meera Jasmine were the best medium which could Shyamaprasad could use for the communication in his mind. The two characters joined for an impulsive reason. But, at a point of time the ratio between lust and love have come into view and it lead the two lives on the screen! Music by Ouseppachan was a vital fator to this movie’s identity.  

'Arike' stood too closer to real life. Shyamaprasad revealed an extremely interesting phase of 'love'. Mamtha, Samvritha,Vineeth, Dileep, Chithra Aiyyer, Urmila Unni, Innocent.. ETC.. have beautifully played thier roles and more presisely, the director took the best out of these artists. I cannot pick out the best performed actor in the movie since everyone did it exceptionally well. The feel which he created through this movie contained a flavour of love, family-bond, compassion and emotion. Music provided the right platform to exhibit the communication meant by the director.

At present, Renjith is my favorite Malayalam director. He is fearless, open to life and dare to explore the uncharted pitch of living. I watched 'Paleri Manikyam: Oru Pathira Kolapathakathinte Kadha'on Asianet with the continuous disturbance of advertisements. Renjith showed the real-life arena of 1950's in Malabar. It was a stupendous investigational story. The most important attraction I met with on this movie was the linguistic slang in the movie. Shwetha menon appeared as a clever, erotic and uneducated ‘Thiya-lady’ in a village in Malabar. She exhibited the attitude of an outstandingly pretty women who got married to a below-average and incapable man. The casting was absolutely appropriate. Mammooty appeared in 3 roles and the final appearance as old man was sharpest in my view. The leading role of Mammootty was of an arrogant feudal landlord who is a ‘natural womanizer’. He kept no boundaries to his ‘biological-needs’. I felt a flavor of Bharathan-movies in this work. The movie took me to some decades back and showered the feel of olden days.

‘Thirakkadha’ is another pioneering work from Renjith. The director beautifully narrated a story of an actor-couple. I recognized the potential of Anoop Menon after watching this movie. Priyamani too played a challenging role. Priyamani’s curvaceous body build and impulsive piece of acting added value to the movie. When I watched this movie, it was rainy out and chill. Having this movie watched inside a chunky blanket was a fascinating experience. In most of the movies, the back ground music will be a vital impact-factor as of in this movie. The surprising story-curves in the movie has penetrated into my mind and conquered.
I watched ‘Pranchiyetan and the saint’ from theater. Most of my friends gave me a worst feedback and comments about the movie. ‘It’s a waste of time and money. It’s rubbish and there is no story in it!’ This was what I thought of this movie before I watch it. But, right from the soothing background music in the beginning, I couldn’t feel the unexpected flow of time! I have seen many ‘Pranchiyettans’ around me in realty. I could say that it’s a sarcastic satire-movie, which unveiled the hidden face of ‘worried-rich people’ in the society.  This work showed that ‘movie is an art of Director’. This movie is Renjith’s reply to every ‘Pranchiyetans in our society’; and a contribution to the social life.

Renjith’s recent movie is ‘Indian Rupee’. I watched it on the releasing day itself without waiting for any feedbacks from my friends; because, for me ‘Renjith’ is a trusted brand. My expectation from Renjith was huge and he gave it huge! Thilakan played the leading role of the movie. My tears welcomed most of his dialogues. The extraordinary piece of concentration, intelligence and dedication he put in on this movie even at his age was inexplicable! I still couldn’t digest the chemistry behind his performance in this movie. It’s a story held in Kozhikod of a middle class Malayali youngster and his friends. Prithviraj and Reema Kallingal played their role nicely. Jagadi came up with another different possibility of humor. The movie could have been an average one, if Thilakan-factor was not there; he was the alcohol in beer.

I watched ‘Cocktail’ too late. It’s a remake of a Canadian film called 'Butterfly on wheel'. It conveyed a serious social issue. Anoop Menon and Jayasurya played the 2 vital roles. Rajesh Kumar Aravind, the director made use of the hidden potential in Jayasurya up to a wide range. For me, Jayasurya was ‘just an actor’ who is weak in humor presentation until I watch this movie! A furtive romantic relation between two colleagues in corporate world is something we see in day to day life of this networking society. Followed by the revolution in internet and telecom, everybody enjoyed freedom to channelize affairs as per their private desire. Facebook is also a market-place wherein relationships can be purchased on an impulse on private tastes. We live in a world wherein I or you can launch sexual relationship with anyone whom we like; no religion or social rules would hinder this new generation lifestyle. This contemptible modern-tendency has been considered as a ‘way of living’ in the global materialistic community. A few percentage of global community believes that ‘Marriage and family’ are an orthodox and outdated narrow concept from India; human also should have liberal-sex like animals do. Life should be filled with enjoyments and it should not be sacrificed for the bond called family. So, nowadays ‘values’ are becoming the soiled currencies in the idiot’s wallet. What the upcoming generation needed is an antibiotic injection directly in to the vein, which would cure the disease. Here lies the social significance of ‘Cocktail’. This movie conveyed a strong caution message against the wrong turn of mankind. Malayali youngsters welcomed this new generation-movie with warm applause.

Arun Kumar Arvind’s second movie was another wondrous piece of work. ‘Ee Adutha Kalath’ displayed a different face of ‘married life’ of one cadre of our society. Anoop Menon, Murali Gopi (the script writer as well), Indrajit and Mythili have played key roles. The movie was funny, fast and flamboyant in presentation. Every character in the movie was someone whom we haven’t seen on any movies till now. Murali Gopi acted as a rich entrepreneur with weird psychological and physical characteristics. Indrajith and Mythili showed a happy face of a ‘Below Poverty Line-family’. Nishan and Thanu Shree Ghosh demonstrated a trend existing somewhere in our weak social bonds. The movie was appraised widely as a distinctive one.

Rajesh Pillai’s ‘Traffic’ was a ground-breaking stuff. The presentation was an entirely new-fangled treatment in Malayalam film industry. Sreenivasan and son, Anoop menon, Asif ali, Kunchakko Boban, Ramya Nambisan and team generated an electrifying blow on screen. Story was attention-grabbing and movie had many turning points and wonderful climax. Movie reminded many things. When I saw the crucial death of Vineeth Srenivasan’s character in the movie, I did empathize about the same and thought of  my parents and this was the winning formula of the movie. Whenever I get wedged in traffic, I do remember and scare about the scene I have seen on this movie. There were some minute criticisms on the technical perfection (the driving scenes couldn’t justify the speed) and about some scenes (road clearance efforts by Babu Ezhupunna and crew, which seemed to be quiet artificial). Boby and Sanjay made a great script and Sreenivasan’s guidance could have helped the Director to framework this project better. Kunjakko Boban’ segment reminds about the dangerous monster hidden in every gentlemen; the boundless lust! Not even a single person watched this movie could have opined me that this movie is worthless. This movie gave courage to the upcoming directors to experiment on screen.

Srinath Rajendran's 'Second show' was special in many aspects like young and talented new crew, background music and reality pulse. Dulquer Salmaan and Sunny Wayne made a warm entry to film field through their genuine show on the movie. I was amazed to get a Hollywood feel out of this movie. The way of ending lives and relations being shown were interesting and judicial to the ground reality. Hero lost his heroine with the most common reason. Theme, cast, music, story, humor.. Etc.. made the movie an outstanding one.

Salt N Pepper and 22 Female Kottayam were such an outstanding family pack of products from the director Ashiq Abu. Salt N Pepper made history and made benchmarks for the futuristic movies. As the name says, food is the main feel of the movie. I watched this movie when I was hungry and it literally drove me crazy. Baburaj, Lal, Asif ali and Shwetha Menon have done a wonderful job. Baburaj came out from the label of rowdy to a humor-machine by this comedy thriller movie. The director brought out even the minute portions of comedy which can happen according to the situation. The story was an absolutely innovative one and everyone enjoyed watching it over and over. The movie released without major publicity. But, after a week of release the movie became the topic amongst youngster in Kerala. A variety story presented in an intelligent manner was Salt N Pepper. Suitable background music to the situation gave a special feel to the movie. I and my friend Syam went for this movie by mistake. But, both of us have returned with a fulfilled mind. We laughed till tear come out in the theater! ‘Avial’ band became a trend in Kerala after their unique performance in the movie.

I came to know about ‘22 Female Kottayam’ on the releasing day since no publicity did reach me. Rima Kallingal, Fahad Fazil, and Prathap Pothen were the starring in this revenge movie. I loved everything about this classic movie. Rima Kallingal became my favorite female actor in current Malayalam film industry, simply because of her performance and appearance in this movie. The movie exhibited the realty of city life of 2 'bachelor-couples'! Songs in this movie were vibrant. ‘Can I have sex with you?’ is a dialogue segment by Prathap Pothen in this movie seemed to be too closer to real life situations seen in upper class people live in Metro cities. Fahad Fazil had to do nothing more than his usual roles in most of his past movies. I will watch it once again. I heartily appreciate Director’s courage to form this outstanding thriller by putting the unfair countenance of real-life on screen. I hope, the young generation including me will think twice before dating a new girl and that’s the triumph of this movie! Ashiq Abu could consecutively retain the quality in his work through this movie.

‘Ordinary’ is of a debut director named Sugeeth. It was a memorable experience. The movie explored a beautiful story in the theme of nostalgic KSRTC buses. The story location is ‘Gavi’, a land with awesome climate and natural beauty. Biju menon performed exceptionally well. His each and every dialogue in Palakadan slang transmitted a wave of laughter in the theater. Baburaj showed his impeccable talent in humor. Asif ali did a role of an amateurish and uneducated brat and it was above standards. Kunjako Boban too did well with all other actors in the movie. I enjoyed a lot; feel like watching it over and over! I love red KSRTC buses and I have special sentiments towards them; I miss it now! I specially thank the Director for bringing back the sweet memories about red KSTRC buses. The music and background scenes were heartening and that factor could make the theater ‘Gavi’.

‘Beautiful’ by VK Prakash justified the title name. Anoop Menon did the lyrics and dialogues part. It’s a story of a Paraplegic millionaire (Jayasurya). His dialogues carried high dose of philosophy on life. I underline, this character took the best out of this ‘old upcoming actor’! Anoop Menon entertained me too much; a booming super actor in Malayalam film field. He displayed his bottomless flair through Thirakkadha, cocktail, Pranayam and this one. Film made me happy. A simple story; but it carried a profound feel. These are the kind of movies I was looking for.

‘Melvilasam’ was the first courtroom drama film in Malayalam; directed by Madhav Ramadasan. The film traces the progress of a court martialof a Dalit  soldier (Parthiban), who has accused for killing a superior officer. Suresh Gopi appeared in courtroom to defend the accused. He was keen not to save the culprit but to divulge the unjust visage happened to the accused soldier from the malicious superior. The movie was thrilling even though it was happened in a single courtroom. It maintained high degree of uniqueness. Director brought out the facts the soundless group of the oppressed wanted to speak off about.

‘Chappakurishu’, a new-generation thriller film, co-written and directed by Sameer Thahir was impressive with quick shots and a good song. Fahad Fazil, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Roma, Remya nambeeshan and Nivetha have appeared in the lead roles. Fahad Fazil represented a rich bachelor who keeps his doors opened towards beautiful girls into his bed room. The movie conveyed a serious message through a simple story.

‘Apoorvaragam’ and ‘Unnam’ were a different mode of venturing from the renowned director, Sibi Malail. Asif ali played key roles in both the films. Through him, director unveiled the dreadful elements concealed in youngsters we see all around. ‘Apoorvaragam’ was an average one. But, it contributed to the new change happened to Malayalam film industry. In ‘Unnam’, Asif ali acted as one dangerously selfish character who is passionate about his private desire which is absolutely unscrupulous. Vibrant presence of Lal, Rima Kallingal and Shwetha Menon helped the movie to form into a good one. Prashanth Narayan entertained a lot with his dialogue presentation and naturalness. Sex and money lead this remarkable story; a credited remake of the Hindi film 'Johnny Gaddar'.  

'Malarvadi Arts Club' was Vineeth Sreenivasan's new venture as director. It was a youngster-centric movie, which represents the talented youth who remain unnoticed in villages.

‘Grandmaster' is a neo-noir thriller film by B Unnikrishnan; starring Mohanlal, Anoop Menon, Narain, Priyamani and Jagathi. Mohanlal played a hero role of a grandmaster-investigating officer, who could positively anticipate and foresee opponent’s moves. He did well and the age at which he appeared on movie was relevant to his current exteriors. The most gifted actor in Malayalam deserve a heart-felt admiration for his right decision. Babu Anotny got a key role and made a great show. Background music throughout the movie was appealing. Enjoyed watching this thriller movie, which always keeps the beholder thrilled.’

I watched 'Diamond necklace' of Lal Jose twice at the theater. Casting was magically perfect and the music done by Vidyasagar turned up as the 'music in my mind'. Laljose presented a wonderful story with maximum utility of his available  human resources. Fahad fazil's another impressive character was seen on this movie. His smile is been always striking! The 3 girls in the movie performed in such a way that we cannot judge easily that whose performance was best. Credit goes again to the director for bringing out the best of these 3 girls. Gauthami nair looked extremely lovely. Song scenes of Gauthami nair in traditional Tamil saree literally shed joy in my mind. Her dialogue presentation was spontaneous. Samrutha Sunil upgraded her acting range with her splendid performance in this movie. She represented a soft-hearted girl belonging to an elite class family. Anushree's role was more challenging and she did it brilliantly! Her body language, dialogue presentation and minute contributions deserve massive appreciation. Also, needles to mention about another heart touching performance from Sreenivasan, the evergreen representative of the majority of population! Idea of bringing a Kasaragod character was good though casting for that role was substandard. Anyways, Director has communicated a lot through this valuable necklace!

‘Spirit’ is an attractive movie name and the name in small font beneath the movie name was another major magnetism of this movie. Many people guessed that the movie theme will be something related to ‘spirit smuggling’. I watched this satirical movie on the ‘releasing night’ itself. Theatre was crowded with Malayalam-noise. The movie shows that when it comes to any sort of addiction, intelligence and education of someone becomes inferior. The recent trend seen in Kerala youth towards alcoholism has been considered as an ‘accepted life style’ and as a natural instinct of society in general, rather than categorizing it as a cultural pest. The new born baby of Ranjith explored the raw-life of a genius who is also a chronic drunkard in nature. Ranjith’s casting for this challenging role was finest. Mohanlal’s character-presentation as a supercilious whiz kid with special perception towards life on having a fuel in him called ‘spirit’ was inimitable. He carried out his first English novel venture sitting at bar with no barrier to pegs of expensive brands. Mohanlal’s each and every boozing gulp-down was welcomed with unstoppable applause by the ‘majority’ of the theatre crowd; since it seemed like a recognition to those who are dare to drink! The post divorce life of Mohanlal’s character with the divorcee Kanika’s character initiated for a new conception. On the ground of this intellectual-couple’s bilaterally encouraging separation, Ranjith effectively explained that ‘some’ married life has an uncanny dimension and it’s beyond love, sex and mutual trust. The divorced couple lived as best friends along with the warm presence of ‘new face’ happened to their life. Kanika is naturally tall and looked attractive and captivating. Kanika’s married life advertised the luxury, soothe and comfort of the elite class’s pleasurable life. Sidharth Bharath’s body language as a young versifier with an inevitable addiction to drinks stood out. His silent gaze itself communicated a lot. The responsible artist in Ranjith tried hard to install Sidharth’s blood vomiting face in minds of mislead-youth. Nandu got his best role in his career. He brilliantly reproduced the gesticulations and traits of a fully fledged drunkard. He loved ‘spirit’ rather than his family and life. He drunk whole of his days and remained slept on street like filthy dogs. ‘Spirit’ in him lessened the difference between him from wild animal. His character is a manifesto to every fragile gentleman who encountered in front of artificial illusion of ‘spirit’. Kalpana represented a lady of regrettable class of oppressed who lead their life like soiled poultry in cage. Every characters in the movie carried high degree of eccentricity. Thilakan, Tini Tom and Lena have notably performed in the show. Again, this piece of art on silver screen became a movie of Ranjith rather than the movie of Mohanlal! The movie underlined that ‘wine is bottled Satan’.

Film name 'Usthad Hotel' itself sounds interesting. The film incorporated under the combination of Anwar rasheed, the director and Anjali menon, the writer. Anwar Rasheed's direction for this movie looked thoroughly matured compared to his earlier ones. Main ingredients of the movie are Thilakan and Dilquar Salman. Theme of the movie is food. Presentation of various food items made the film colorful and more delicious. All actors performed good and genuinely supported Thilakan. Thilakan's broad stretch of lips throughout the movie was heartfelt and even penetrating than that of Nithya menon! Background music by Gopi Sundar made the experience of movie watch memorable. Movie unveiled the pathetic face of the unfortunate people who even in take own excretion to combat starvation! 'Food is god', and filling one needy creature's stomach is the best duty one can do under sun. This movie is a strong social reminder which helps to brush up the buried humanity in every humans. Relationship shown in the movie between grandson and grand father adds value into the thinking stream of current generation. Presentation style adopted by the director right from the  delivery of 5 babies in the beginning of the movie till the commencement of solitary pilgrimage of Thilakan was innovative and full of vigor.

Vinneth Sreenivasan's 'Thatathin Marayath' was a beautiful love film. Nivin Pauly and Isha Talwar made pleasing pair. Director added a pretty good flavor of humor thorough out the film. The movie might inspire the youth for inter-religious marriages. I enjoyed Kozhikodan dialect in the movie.

'Friday', directed by Lijin Jose was a beautiful visual experience. Brilliant casting, vibrant flow of story and neatly trimmed screen-play made the film extraordinary. Genuineness was the base of direction. And, the director deserves a pat on his shoulder for avoiding adulteration with exaggeration throughout the life in a day of a handful of middle class humans who value tear drops than currencies. 'Friday' spewed lava of humanity and kindness, which have been gradually found vanishing in the current networking society. The movie would make at least a few of it's viewers courageous to help another (strangers or acquaintances) for no reason or for no materialistic benefits. 'Friday' was a breast-feed to the real lovers of life and it's inexplicable meaning!

'Trivandrum Lodge' by VK Prakash and Anoop Menon team was an experimental attempt. It brought a visual difference on screen though movie was simple in it's theme. Genuine dialogue presentation was the highlight of this movie. Movie was all about varying approaches from different people to gain sexual opportunities. Jayasurya performed good.  All the ladies-interventions on the movie was appreciable. M Jayachandran made good songs which would stay in mind for more time. This movie might appear as a 'mischievous brat' in front of eyes of those who live in public hiding their sexual passion by believing 'sex is an abandoned fruit'.

I watched  'Ayalum Nhanum Thammil' by Laljose in a rainy and chilling night. Strong story by Bobby Sanjay was a concrete platform for the director to proceed. Prathap Pothen's performance was irreplaceable. He met perfection on this movie. Other casting crew including 3 beautiful actresses and 2 handsome actors done well. Kalabhavan Mani and Salim kumar also being noted for the quality delivered on screen. The relation between a senior and his son-like junior was a different stuff presented to Malayalis. Many dialogues and contexts in the movie brought out the hidden emotions in me. The film was simple and one of the best of the year.

Ashiq Abu's 'Da thadiya' was fat in terms of humor, social importance, motivation and presentation. The director continuously proved his sheer talent at his job. His microscopic care given to every scenes increased the quality of the movie up to a great extend. The big new face in the movie performed a magic. Every smile and grief reflected on his face were potent enough to penetrate into beholder's hearts. The movie beautifully narrated the foolish mentality we could experience around us toward obesity, ayurvedic spas and the flavor of a different love seen in the movie between the hero and heroine. The scenes between Luka with his Grand mother stood out. The grand mother's words actually gives enormous inspiration and energy to live in to many of the 'Lukas' in the society. The fight scenes at the end of movie were of below standards.

G S Vijayan's debut venture as a director gifted a new talent to Malayalam film industry. Ranjith's story was beautiful and he justified his brilliance once more. Kavya Madhavan's presence was the best thing happened to this life-smelt movie. Her Kasaragod dialect presentation has turned up as a major attraction of the movie. She clearly sketched out mannerisms of a Malayali home maker who is good at heart. Her body language and confidence reached saturation and set new bench marks. Shankar Ramakrishnan's vibrant performance was irreplaceable. His intelligence and dedication seen at every point of his performance on screen literally proved that he has a clear cut idea and identity about acting. Vineeth came up with another strong character after 'Arike'. The degree of representing the character given to him was high and he could smoothly handle it. His accent presentation was also notable. Harishree Ashokan and Kanika played an entirely different role in the movie. It was real entertainment to welcome those two interesting characters of different flavor. Bed ridden Augustine's scene was an innovative input to the movie.  Rest of the crew who did every minor and major roles looked very matured and relevant to the situation and character. Mammootty made a decent performance as a loyal driver although his role was not a challenging one; perhaps a boring repetitive assignment being gotten.  Director blended an essence of humor throughout the movie and it was being squeezed straight from the real life. Cinematography by Manoj Pillai was impeccable. As a whole, the style of narration, real life correlation, group comfort among the crew, flow of the movie and music made the winning formula. One of the best movies in Malayalam watched over last couple of years.

‘Celluloid’ by Kamal is a biopic based on J C Daniel’s life. Kamal succeeded in going back to decades and to visualize the right-life of that time which makes real tribute to the father of Malayalam Film industry. Cinematography, music, casting and art direction enhanced the eminence of the movie. Prithviraj came up with another genuine performance followed by his delivery in Vasthavam, Vargam, Akale, Indian Rupee and Ayalum Njanum Thammil. J C Daniel’s death scene was a notable segment by Prithviraj. Entire crew maintained cohesive harmony in dialect presentation and body language driven by sense of change in era with an in-depth insight about the theme and character allocated. Degree of dedication put in by entire crew starting with Mamtha, Chandni, T G Ravi and Sreenivasan made the film an indisputable artifact.  Let this palpable endeavor by Kamal encourage the upcoming directors to make exceptional movies in Malayalam.

'Ammen - a divine comedy', one of the top classic drama movies in Malayalam. Every elements of this experimental movie brought difference with quality on screen. Comic flow, music, talented cast, heartening theme and art value were add on factors to the entire presentation. The director deserves applause for this unbelievable delivery!

‘Mumbai Police’ is a neo-noir psychological thriller directed by Roshan Andrrews. Bobby-Sanjay delivered an effervescent investigation crime story with an extremely thrilling climax at the end. The movie is of same genre of ‘Memento’ by Christopher Nolan and ’The bourne identity’ starring Matt Damon. Both the films unveil a crime story in the backdrop of excessive memory lose of the lead characters after own identity. Prithviraj and Jayasurya performed their role with utmost insight. The director easily visualized the pulse of life in the upper crust of the society. Twists found at various point of time in the movie keeps the mob thrilled and stick to the story flow. The movie found to be unique in terms of style of direction, cinematography, back ground score, dedication of crew to the fullest and authenticity of presentation. These make ‘Mumbai Police’ one of the best crime thrillers in Malayalam.

'Hotel California' by Anoop menon and Jayasurya stands out in many aspects. It is an end to end comedy film which would keep people belly laugh aloud till end. The story revolves around a gang of luxuriant pimps, worthless kidnappers, posh womanizers and a few ladies and gents who are in hunt of glory. Every character in movie contributed their piece of comic excellence to the total output. It is difficult to mention the name of a lead character in the movie though everyone in the movie were given lateral importance. After a long time, I laughed till I feel my lungs shivering within. My saliva thickened and tear came out copiously on guffawing to the fullest at innovative jokes on screen. There are a few shots which tastes weird in comparison to real life situations. But, this is a movie which can be labelled as a good business entertainer chiseled in an interesting shape.

'Artist' by Shyamaprasad portrays a life of a brilliant painter and his partner. Vibrancy of Fahad and Ann raised up to the expectations which Shyamaprasad's characters in the movie had to have. This quality-film pulls much more concentration from viewers as the theme of the movie is artistic and perceptual.

Anil Radhakrishnan’s ‘North – 24 Katham’ is an endearing conception by Fahad fazil and crew. Swaty Reddy and Nedumudi Venu lived their roles in fact and made their presence irreplaceable. Fahad’s character in the movie was unique as it was suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Situational humor, humanitarian values imparted in the theme, director’s eye for detail, realness etc made the movie an incomparable one of recent times. 

Watching movies are not just an activity of pass of time, its a constructive  deed. The face of Malayalam films are changing. The taste of waiting for the next movie has reborn in Malayalees. Let's wait, watch and enjoy :)