Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Narayana Travels"

I finished the newly purchased Chandrika soap at a stretch, worth of Rs.3. The teeny soap had a fascinating foray across each and every inches of my body with self depreciation and then departed. It took away the putrefied layer of sweat and dust on my regions. It was so hard for me to take a shower with the Chandrika in the hard-water from the tap. I rubbed and wiped me with my permanent wafer thin travel-bath towel. Then I rinsed it, squeezed it, quivered it and i wrapped it around the middle part of my body. I stepped out into the living room.

THIS bath took place at a midnight in an attached bathroom of a hotel room in Guruvayoor. I came along all the way, i.e. around 400 km’s from my native place, Kasaragod to witness a most awaited marriage of my uncle. It isn’t going to be a love marriage, but a lovely arranged marriage. Why this marriage is going to be important for me? Because, the groom is my relative and the bride, the neighbor. So, I was an inevitable person to be here at the function to both the bride and groom. So, I wasn’t just a useless youngster here as usual, but I was given special value and reverence by the both. Being in Guruvayoor is always been my passion and pleasure, reasons are many!

There were around 35 in the bus, a luxury bus of 'Narayana Travels'. We had started our ‘Guruvayoor wedding trip’ by 11 a.m from Kasaragod. It was me who entered first into bus to reserve a fitting seating near to the windows. I had thrown away the dignity called 'maturity', before I enter the bus. I wish to sit with a flexible and recreational sitting pause with complete loosening of muzzles with utmost ease and private comfort; that pause may appeal to others in the bus as that of an immature brat. I wanted to sit freely, without any disturbance. Sitting with a fat person in a narrow bus seating always had flat me out.

The 35 includes sobbing babies, bawling kids, dreamy teens, on the job youngsters, pensioners and an ultimate heaven seeker who was at his nineties! There were retired air force uncle, retired fire force uncle, retired DYSP uncle, retired lecturer aunty, planter uncle and so on. These were known and called up after their respective profession.

Noticeably there was a pretty girl named Aiswarya. It was my debut meeting with her in this life. We spoken to each other and I enjoyed her presence in the bus. But, I had to keep her at a distance; reasons are many!

Apart from me, there was another 'interesting' guy in the bus, Vinu. He was a job seeking fresher in Electronics and communication. He has been returning from Bengaluru a number of times bare handed, after attending a few interviews in last couple of months. He looked so simple. His ‘outlooks’ never announced that he is extra-brainy, but he is. He was plain to a fault. We too met for the first time in this life. As time passes on the way, we gradually became closer and signed on a permanent friendship pact.

He told me with a naked grin, “Ambi, I thought you will be so arrogant and egoist, at a glance from your outer shell; but, when i spoke to you i realized that you are as simple as… what to say man? You are as simple as a cowboy! Your tastes, perceptions, turns of mind, foolishness and all impressed me a lot.” It was one among the greatest and sincerest recognition I have ever got in my so-far-life!

The bus stopped in regular intervals for filling and emptying the stomachs. The time crept. We had a late lunch and then resumed. The climate was so drizzly and murky; so, I couldn’t keep the glass window wide open. But, I ignored the rain shell and breathed the chilled oxygen and tasted the rain drops often. When the bus penetrate through the rush cities, I had been in an act of throwing vigilant gazes at the captivating saunter and pulsating anatomical garnishes of the college girls on streets. I loved observing and studying the beauty measures of every young female-strangers, especially during a journey. Some stares, some lascivious smiles, some rash looks were all the resultants of my effort from inside the glass window. I also actively enjoy every moving and non-moving objects on my bus journeys, like a space researcher who peeps into the infinity through his telescope.

I stuff head phones into the ear holes; which would give a back-ground music to the scenes I see and the thoughts I accumulate within. I thought about my ‘Miss. Y’ and kept on messaging her along with a musical bath. Music enhances the love and the humanity. My favorite music had been an exhilarating factor to my emotions, feelings and thoughts, like drugs I guess! I hated speaking in a moving bus; it could agitate my head. I hated using cell phone either to message or to call on journey, since it obstructs me to the most entertaining stuffs in store. Vinu was not fat and was not talkative. He cooperated with my silent company to an appreciable extend! He was a movie maniac and kept on keeping a view on the TV screen affixed in bus.

The time crept on, daylight diminished and headlights from horning vehicles took the stage on. I hobbled on slowly in the moving bus and spread my pleasant presence to all my new relatives. I carried my Mani unlce’s kid Malu and pampered her with hilarious gesticulations and provoking sounds. The endearing tot began to cackle. Suddenly, a parlous biff to the bus and it got into a sudden halt!

Every lady in the bus propagated a terrifying course of noise. “Oh, my god! What the hell is that!” did resonance in unison from most of the throats. The bus met with an adventitious stuck up! The strong momentum pushed all of us forward and many heads hit the front seat. Malu screamed in a petrifying violence. I did handover Malu to my aunt and rushed toward the driver’s cabin.

I stood still gaping at the jaw-dropping scene in front and flabbergasted. The bus got thumped up by a disfigured tree branch. The giant front glass had broken into sheer pieces and the driver found laid over the steering wheel with a screech. At first, I felt like laughing at the risible scene of collapsed glass and down headed driver, even though my heart was pounding bit faster. It was for the first time I was a part of a bus accident. I felt proud of myself for being met with an original accident and to survive succesfully! Everyone in bus also scuttled into and someone got off the bus onto the road and appeared in front of the bus. The high-way police, local rickshaw drivers, native livers too scurried into the spot. They walked over the crumbled glass pieces on the road and studied the accident.

I asked the driver, “Are you okay? You hurt…?” He looked at me and nodded in indication that he is alright. There was a small bleak leak of blood at his forehead from the strike of the glass pieces, but it wasn’t severe. He was instantly sent to the nearest doctor, one of my relatives escorted him.

The old, grumbled god on this quiet unfair omen. But, we self-consoled though there was no more peril!

“No no, you are wrong... Its not because of rain, it’s only because of the driver’s drowsiness! Damned…” Everyone discussed and disclosed their various view points, comments, suggestions and FIR’s. “Anyways it’s not because of the mistake of the tree.” I bottom-lined.

I fell absent minded and absent stomached in frustration. I looked at my watch. It was 9 pm. We were near to Kutipuram, around 40 more km’s distant from the destination, Guruvayoor. We had to travel again for an hour. The driver came back in a few minutes and said he is medically fine and healthy enough to handle the wheel. But, it was deadly rainy. So, none can drive the bus in this clime and state, not even Michael Schumacher!

The responsible groom’s father arranged a few taxi cabs and we were guided into with luggage. It was not at all easy to travel by the cab. We were really packed inside the cab. The cab accommodated almost the double or more of its occupancy! But, I grabbed the window side-seat even at this calamitous moment. But, I couldn’t move my arms and legs freely. I felt so tough to take out my cell phone from my jean pocket and I couldn’t even scratch my head. I felt sickly sweet and fidgety. I idly positioned my head at the window view. The surface of road was bumpy and worse than jack fruit’s jacket!

Finally, the taxi cabs reached Guruvayoor, at the hotel ‘Thulasidalam’. I carefully took out my set of organs one-by-one from the damnedestly bundled cab and relaxed with a deep suck in air. Bride’s relatives were waiting for us. They wished us warmly with a cool smile and asked explanation for being oddly late. One of my uncles narrated about the issue had gone off.

Both the family met, held out hands, smiles emerged on every face and had casual introductory talks each other in the hotel lobby. It was already 10.30 p.m. So, we were given room keys and asked to get back for dinner as soon as possible before the restaurant to shut down.

There were around 30 rooms booked for the total strength of 80. My retired VIP uncles were provided a/c suit rooms. I checked into a non a/c room. It was a spacious room with 3 single beds, but cleanliness was not adequate. Bathroom was not so bracing but untidy and fetid.

There were two of my cousins and a retired school master uncle with me in that room. Vishnu and Adithyan, my cousins were in 6th and 3rd standard respectively. The uncle was a tranquil-faced man with a heartening character and tolerance. Obviously he was as simple as his job indicates!

We kept our loads in room and strolled over to the restaurant. Restaurant was looked gloom since they put off some lights, which signify the closing time. Guruvayoor is famous for tasty veg. meals. But, since the time was up, we could only have ghee roast and a simple tomatoo curry. I bought a pack or chocolate-flavored Britania biscuits and gave it to Visnhu and told him, "Don't eat now... Okay?". The entire family returned from the eatery after having ample. It was then I had purchased a few petty Chandrika soaps from a petty parasite shop closer to the restaurant.

We had finished the chocolate-flavored biscuits by the time we reach back at room on the 5th floor by stairs. The retired school master uncle and my junior cousins took bath first and they fell asleep.

It was THEN I entered bathroom, brushed my tooth, took a profuse shower and came out fresh with my constricted greenish-underwear in hand.

I set aside what I have in my hand right under the ceiling fan. I put on my night dress and arranged my personal amenities inside the bag. I took out the ironed-white-mund and golden-edged-shawl which got a few wrinkles from the compression inside the bag. I placed it on the table. I kept my cell phone for charging.

Then I called up Mani uncle and asked at a breath, “What’s the plan for tomorrow? By what time should I get up? When we are supposed to take bath and get ready for temple visit? And, what’s the marriage time?”

“Well, we have decided that we should get up by 5 a.m and should get ready by 5.45. Then the marriage will be held at sharp 6 a.m. Thereafter we will have an early break fast arranged at the same restaurant. So, we will get inside temple after the marriage and breakfast. We may have to be in the long queue at least for 2 hour it seems before we enter into temple! And, the marriage feast will be started by 10.30 a.m, its bit early intact. But…” He replied like reading a paragraph from a text book.

“So, lunch will finish up soon. Then what about our return? Where is our bus now?” I asked for clarification.

“Well, our bus is at a garage in Trissur now. It will be ready by.... by tomorrow. And, we will start back from here by 12.30 p.m. Any more query?” He asked with a sound yawn. We wished a ‘good night’ each other and hung up.

I sent a few texts to my 'Miss. Y' and at last looked at my today’s bed. The school master uncle had already occupied the bed right beneath the fan, the kids got shared the single bed next to it and I got the last bed which was 'miles away' from the windy zone. I sat on the bed. I sent my eyes across the white bed spread. There were some hair stripes and a few grime. After a persistent course of blow from deep within at the bed sheet, I smacked the aged bed several times. The dust evolved from bed like smoke! There were a number of black moles on the whitish surface too. But, I got to ignore it so badly. The school master uncle started rolling left and right on the bed from the noise-nuisance I generated. And, he warned me through a humble advice, “Look dear Ambi, its already getting 12, so sleep soon, okay?” I felt guilty in disturbing his slumber and I put off the light at once.

I lay on and thought about the great day in due. “It’s really going to be a memorable day. Having a chance to see Guruvayoorapan is not a minute deed! And, the famous wedding feast to come. My mouth is really going to have a graceful day.” Suddenly I got a message from Glindia. She is my sister’s classmate, the engineering student at a campus in Erode. Glindia turned out to be so a special person to me. Her ability in singing had awarded her many state level first places in youth festivels. She is also a deadly artist with pencil. Her emotional range, cerebral beauty and quality of behavior impressed me a lot. There will be very few friends for me like Glindia, who had inspired and influenced me to the amorphous states of hearty relationship! We have been core friends for a long time. In a tender moment, I had said her that, “Glindia… I am in devotion with you!”

We were known to each other through G-talk chatting. She knows about the nook and corner of my mind and vise versa. But, we haven’t met each other till now! Her native is in Trissur itself. Only a few km’s away from Guruvayoor! So, "why couldn’t I visit her home this time?"

I didn’t made a second thought on this. I decided to visit Glindia’s home and meet her, her sister Achoos, Dad and Mom. Life is so short, lots of things to be done before I finish! My deep adore toward Glindia, appeared like the green light in traffic junction, which strongly forced me to proceed. I decided to get up at 2 am! I set my alarm accordingly and fell aback.

The very next day came; my mobile alarm whimpered. I woke up even before the sun did. There was no lethargy in me as usual when I get up in a cool rainy morning. I was so energetic and passionate to visit temple, attend marriage and confront Glindia for the very first time. I was keyed up.

I prayed god, “I am so grateful to you my dear god for not letting me as a prey to mosquitoes and bed bugs”.
I got up hasty and used the dim flash light on my cell phone to find way to the wanted space and things; though the retired school master uncle got loads of advises in hand.

I smeared some coconut oil on my hair and caressed briskly. I opened the fresh pack of Chandrika and entered the bathroom. I brushed up my tooth with no tooth-paste, since I couldn’t search the paste-tube inside the retired school master uncle’s bag in his snooze! I formatted my stomach and then into bath. I was in a state of ice-cold. The water flew down from the tap-hole continuously and the bucket overflowed. I took a mug-full of water and tried to pore it over my head; tried over and over! But, the freezing breeze through the bathroom porthole made me hesitant to do so. I dropped the mug into the pail and instantly did 30 ‘push-ups’ at once. It provided the exact warmth to my body to combat against the frigid water drops.

After bath, I came out into the room and dressed up in utter darkness with proper grooming required to get into the temple. I was in a divine-mood and excitement of having an interview with Sree Guruvayoorapan. There was nothing else in my mind. My mind was right at the imaginary image of Sree Guruvayoorapan, the almighty. My mind went tender. I got ready faster and carried the cash required for the devotional offerings. Just for a minute, I put on the light and I had a final glance at me on the mirror and made sure that I look chic. I tied my wrist watch; but, I didn’t put on my footwear and kept my cell phone back in my bag, since the cell phone is banned around the god! Before I put off light, I woke up Vishnu cruelly from his deep snooze and told him, “Mone, I got to go temple right now, okay. I will come back before 5.45. And, you may just close and lock this door and resume sleeping… okay? And, put off the light without making any noise… You got it?” I directed.

He took time to realize 'what is going on around'. With extreme difficulty, he asked me to REPEAT. He was so obedient and loyal to me. He got up from bed with his tousled hair and withered sleepy eyes and followed me till the threshold. I closed the door slowly and stepped over to the magnetic field of devotion. There were no sounds except some devotional song from the temple-loud speaker. It was bit drizzly. I looked at the watch. It was only 2.25 a.m! I couldn’t believe that I woke up this early and took bath in this adverse climate! That too alone! It was nothing else but the mere pull toward the magnetic field by ‘him’. I was on the horizon of the ecstasy in meeting the god!

The temple’s main door will be opened by 3 a.m. Since it’s so early, the temple will never be over-crowded. I can straightaway go and come. But, I heard that none can visit the Guruvayoor temple without a rush! I tramped off with a bare foot and reached at the large front court of the temple. As I get closer to the temple, the noise increased and the people also tremendously increased in numbers. I further moved closer. I astounded at the scene I had in front! I anticipated an easy entry to the temple at this so-early time of the day, like a knife through butter. But, here the long queue had grew up dangerously and it's still mounting! I guessed the queue will be of around more than 1 km length! I joined the queue.

“We may be able to get in by 4. 30…” The co-queues suggested. I got to pass 2 hours in a standing position! I looked around. The main entrance arch is far long. There were different age grouped gents and ladies in the queue. Many newly married couples were seen often, who appealed as proud as peacocks. Many families including kids and aged, everyone’s face glow with a feel of devotion.

Most of the devotees looked so moneyed! Most of the girls walking with an enthralling rhythm and glee along with their rich dad were so pretty in semblance. Their perplexing complexion announced that they were born and brought up in an air conditioned house, school and car. The rich are getting more and more beautiful even though the age increases! The rich are living on the same earth where the poor live, but in an entirely different world! Can I be handsome if I become rich!? The scorching sun beam, humid hotness, dust and smoke precipitated by the rich, leakage caused to the ozone layer by the CFC’s omitted by the air-conditioners and refrigerators at the rich’s houses made the poor’s life so testing. Here comes the significance to become rich because it is money which separates humans from humans. Only great people can be happy without much of money and for the common people like me money is the one which makes the life easier and happier.

Every faces around me looked so kind, calm and composed. The physically disabled hobos were lavishly found on the ridges near to the walkway. They all were treated mercifully and gifted with more amounts of money by every devotee, though the god is nearer as a spectator to the act of great sacrifice! Even I too used to toss a coin into their fateful life. But, whenever I meet with these damaged products from god, I feel dismay on the creator who carved them disfigured and disgraced! But, it reminds me to count my blessings and stop complaining for what I haven’t been given!

The queue kept on increasing at the blink of an eye. I felt sleepy as the time passes in the static queue. The queue will start to move on only after a few minutes, till then I continued sending my glares at the beauty spots around me. Some of the teen girls looked at me as if they had seen me somewhere before! But, voyeurism was not a fair thing to be followed right in the middle of temple. So, I remained focused at the luminous devotional flame in me.

After a while, the main door opened and the queues started to move at least at a snail's pace. I positioned forward in the queues as time passes and the range of divinity increased miraculously as I got nearer to the temple. Lots of praying and chanting waves from thousands of throats, I also experienced the godly scent which originates from a mixture of camphor, sandal sticks and flowers. I have no words to explore the degree of satisfaction and elation I have acquired in that angelic atmosphere. By 4.35 I stepped into the heaven! And, returned by 5.40. The one hour I had inside.. let it remain as a private secret; my moments with my own creator! But, one thing is sure, that one hour had made a lot of positive changes in me, those 60 valuable minutes filled a lot of inexplicable radiations in me!

I got off the temple with a beautiful mind and walked back over to the Hotel. I reached the room. Everyone had finished their bath and had dressed up for the marriage function. I took a quick bath and stuffed my mund and shirt into my bag and took out the Jeans and fresh T shirt. I transformed myself from a traditional look into a snazzy look. I finished everything in 10 minutes and got out into the main lobby. Everyone was amazed at my solitary temple visit in the early morning. Vinu came down and appreciated me for my eccentric effort. I checked my cell phone’s sms inbox. And, I messaged Glindia, “Hi dear Gli... Just call me when you getup okay..? I’m in Guruvayoor now. I may come your home sometimes!”

We walked over to the temple. Everything was set ready for the marriage at the open shed erected for the auspicious ceremony on behalf of Guruvayoorapan. Everyone gathered around the wedding spot. The bride’s face glittered more than the golden knick-knacks did, which she had worn across. We witnessed the eye candy adjoining of two human lives. Krishnanunni weds Reshmi. Both of them started to blush after the 'welding' ceremony, the most important performance in their life. Digital camera carriers found infiltrating through the crowd to get a snap shot of the two awesome faces. I took a few snaps on my cell phone. The newly wedded couples got down from the flamboyant folly with joined hands. In a while, we moved toward the main entrance of the temple. I looked at the cell phone screen. The time was 6.20 am. I thought, it’s the time to call and confirm about Glindia’s home visit.

I moved aside and rang to her cell phone. It had a long ring, but remained unpicked! She might have been still on sleep, I guessed positively. I kept on ringing her, but still! I lost my patience and I dialed into her land line phone. It was a cantankerous gent’s voice on the other end. I asked for Glindia. He asked, “Who you are?”

“It’s me Ambi, Nisha’s brother… I am in Guruvayoor now. So… ” I tried to convince him. “Well, hold on… okay?” He went off and Glindia came on in a few seconds. “Hello, Ambutaa… What happened? Something special? Why an early call? Got nuts or what?” She sounded as if on a verge of slumber and wakefulness. She tried hard to control her yawning.

“Hello, Gli… Yea, something special is going to happen today.” I giggled and continued. “Now I am in Guruvayoor. So…Today you are going to have a tough day, an extremely intractable day intact.” I informed her about my wish. Suddenly she retained her vigor and turned wondrous. “Oh! That’s quiet amazing. It’s so, so special. By the way by what time you will be here? How long will you be here with us dear? What about lunch?” She asked me a lot of questions on my arrival and I fed her ear optimum. She repeatedly counseled me the route to her place.
I hung up after the chat and walked over to my Mani uncle to seek permission to get off for a while at the marriage function. I told him, “I got to visit my friend. She is around 20 km’s away from here. Place name is Kanhani. I will get back as soon as possible. Okay? Do you want to give me any dead lines?”

“Oh, well… You have a great time dear… But, be here before 10.35 am okay? And, take care…” He promoted my motive and I headed swiftly toward the bus station on foot. I searched for the place name on the name plates of buses which Glindia had taught me. By the help of some supportive strangers I was guided soon to the appropriate bus. I got in and sat in the bus which was almost empty. I looked at the clock affixed in the bus. It was 6.45 am. I looked around for someone who speaks. The bus started sharply at 7 o’clock. By the time I had been familiar to 3 gentle men in the bus. I insisted them to inform me when the bus reaches at my stop. I also emphasized the bus conductor that, “Do inform me at the stop, I am novice to this place.”

The bus was supposed to reach by my stop in 40 minutes. I began to message Glindia. But, she might be busy with arranging the house, dine and all, I guessed. Achoos, Glindia’s sister asked me through a message, “Ambieta, what about lunch?” And, I replied her, the final verdict from my Mani uncle.

The bus was at a poor velocity. So, it was so enriching experience for me, since I could enjoy the panoramic beauty of the village in detail. I saw a beautiful lake, saw plenty of water streams and green was the color which filled my eyes the most. It was a cool sunlit day. I was totally ignited in meeting one of my pearly friends. I looked at all the 3 familiar faces with a question mark in my frowned face and I sent my eyes quickly across the shop’s name boards when the bus had stopped at each junction, like an eager beaver.

My sister Nisha called me up unexpectedly. She was informed by Glindia about my unexpected visit. So, Nisha too had risen joyous at my move. Before she press the red button on her key pad, she insisted me, “Ambieta, please carry some dairy milk with you, okay? I always used to gift her chocolates whenever I visit her home often. So, do bag a few and distribute to everyone… Okay?” She said in precise. “Done dear…” I replied.

The bus reached at Nanhani, all 3 faces called up me. The bus conductor ordered me to get off soon. I thanked every familiar faces with a smiling nod and got down. Most of the shops were yet to be opened. I searched for a confectionary shop to bag some chocolates. I found one, paid and called up Glindia. It was her mom who had attended the call. She guided me the way to her home, word by word. But, I couldn’t make out ‘where is south and where is north?’! I quickly went to a rickshaw driver and handed the phone over to him. In a few seconds, he gave me the cell phone back and told, “No need of a rickshaw ride for this. You look at that garage. Can you see? Your friend’s house is just at the back of that building.” He pointed out an antiquated and greasy building and looked at me. I thanked him and walked in excitement toward the garage with a pack of chocolates in hand.

I passed the garage and stood still at the back yard. I looked around, there were a few houses. I strode off into one among the houses straightaway. There was a kind-eyed matriarch sitting on an armchair with the news paper. I entered to the courtyard and asked humbly, “Excuse me nanny, may I know… Which is Glindia Sudarsan’s house?”

She removed her spectacles, stood up and moved forward and asked me, “What?” I smiled and repeated the same sentence. Nanny answered me with a maternal smile, “Oh, Glindi… I am her grand mother. And, her house is situated after two houses to your left from here.” By the time, some lady and kid faces appeared to peep at me from inside the home. Nanny asked me about me and a few more questions. I answered her simultaneously dialing Glindia. Glindia told me, “Well, Achoos will come to you… Follow her dear…” I sat on the marble floor. Nanny welcomed me to get inside. But, I hesitated with a smile.

In a few seconds, a beguiling girl in a green traditional dress came over to the front yard and beamed with delight at me. I guessed it will be Achoos, the 10th standard sister of Glindia. I stood up into foot and exhibited my tooth with my mouth wide opened in a frenzied manner! I turned back my face at nanny, shook my head and walked with Achoos. I gave her the stuff in my hand. We dealt as if we had met so many times before. The quick amicability evolved between us was meritorious. She introduced the different houses seen around and mentioned about the neighbor hood specialties. She briefed out about the kith and kin’s houses, about the nearest river, about the school in which she had enrolled and about every P’s and Q’s.
I had chatted online with Achoos a number of times. She is the school leader and an upcoming poetess. But, I haven’t read any of her poems till now! I intended to savor her prose in poetry, and now I am going to fulfill all my petite dreams.

I haven’t seen Glindia’s face so far! So, the excitement of the first meet was at its zest in me. I had only a vague idea about Glindia’s appearance. We reached at the front yard of the house. A luminous girl was waiting at the entrance with a mind boggling smile.

I had heard Glindia’s voice on the phone before. And, now the sweet voice I had stored in my memory is getting a figure now, a beautiful shape! Glindia was not as taller as my sister Nisha. The most capturing organ in her was her eyes. It was the prettiest eye I had ever seen in my life. It was big and alluring!

At the moment I confronted with the glinting visage of Glindia, I felt like as if I am living in dream! It was after a long time a self satisfactory smile blossomed at my lips. I enjoyed my own smile and the state of bliss. I blindly felt like putting my arms around Glindia. But, I haven’t… reasons are many! I even couldn’t shake her hands at the meeting. But, her smile was straight into my ventricle.

She ushered me inside. “So… Gli… It’s your world… Eh?” I asked Glindia. It was a cute home. The interiors were appealing. I couldn’t find an unattractive place or thing at that home. Everything was neatly arranged by the two girls. I entered home and sat on the couch in the drawing room. Glindia too sat alongside. Achoos entered into the kitchen. For a while, we were just smiling at each other silently. We suffered for topics to talk. I couldn’t take off my eyes from Glindia’s eye-candy eyes. Those eyes entangled my mind as that of a psychiatrist! I observed the quick and childlike movements her eye balls made. Those balls were capable to carry and convey strong emotions right from her nerves!

“By the way, where is your Dad?” I asked Glindia. “Dad is on bathe', he will be right back…” She said.

Glindia’s mom came along and I humbly greeted her. She had divine and aristocratic appearance. The maternity was flowing down from her splendid face. Every forehead at home was applied with a sandal paste, which signified how devout they are. We started to chat profusely. Glindia briefed out about me to Mom.

It was 8 a.m. I may have to leave the home by 9.45 a.m. So, I will get only a few minutes here to mingle up with Glindia. So, I should capitalize this narrow time limit efficiently and effectively, I thought.

I started, where I had stopped at the G-talk chat hut. But, this time we spoke lively. Glindia asked me loads of questions. She asked me about my job, family’s wellness, Nisha and Asha, recent issues I had in my life and about the marriage trip to Guruvayoor. The moments intensively compressed with maximum number of sentences by both of us. Achoos too joined us to hear and share.

Mom suggested Glindia to take me around the house and to show off. I climbed up the stairs followed by the adoring sisters. They showed me their drowsy bed room, vigilant study room and amusing computer room. After introducing each of the rooms, Glindia and Achoos noticed my facet in urge of getting the response or comments.

“Don’t show me the bed room okay? I may fall asleep at the sight of a bed. I hardly slept last night you know?” I said abruptly. I overlooked into Glindia’s bed room through the door. In her bed room I found… a kind of… the smell of sleep!

Her computer room was rich in interior decoration. It looked like a room seen in Hollywood films. The selection of the floor tile and the arrangements of the furniture made me envious. I looked around; there were some books in the closet. There was, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I took a hold on it and had an impulse scan. I sprinkled my attention at all the interesting apparatus found in the room. I appreciated Glindia for the esthetic quality in ambience she brought about to the room.

Achoos opened the door to the balcony. It was a windy vantage point to the surroundings of the home. I looked down at the front yard of the house. Notwithstanding the lack of a garden in the space, it looked orderly. “We are planning to make a garden in next month. Now, just waiting for the rain to get over.” Achoos told me. Everything we see around the house turned out to be a topic to chatter. Achoos pointed out at an antediluvian building block nearby. And said, “Look at that, it was an L.P school once, where I had studied for 2 years. But, bow it has been closed for ever.” Achoos recalled her old memories about her schooling and friends.

We returned to the drawing room on ground floor and into dining room and the kitchen. Kitchen is the heart of a house, and this heart smelt so delicious to me. The kitchen was neatly maintained and had separate cabinets. Nothing will be wrong if we nomenclature it as a ‘modern kitchen’. Then, Glindia took me into the prayer room. Many gods and goddess were taking rest there. Every faces were familiar to me. I bowed at them all and returned to the couch in the drawing room.

By the time, Glindia’s Dad was back from the bath room and was on the couch. He was in a white shirt and mund. The house owner owned a polite, simple and homely character. The Dad asked me all the basics about me. We became closer so soon. I explained him that how my friendship with Glindia flourished this great. The Mom came out of Kitchen and invited us for the break fast. We stood up, went to the dining room and sat on the chairs in front of the dining table. I looked on to the dining table. There was not even a single bee.

I sat with the Dad. But, his break fast time was yet to meet. He also got to have an insulin injection. But, he green signaled his daughters to start on the supply. Puttu, steamed bananas and a glass of milk appeared in the front for me. I called for Glindia and Achoos to accompany me. They too sat along side with the same menu in respective plates. Glindia ordered me, “Ambutaa, see I have brought a glass of milk for you. I remember that you are fond of milk.” I laughingly gulped down the milk and it was as sweet as her words. I slowly noshed on the items on the table. But, I was not focused on eating, but I was still in a mysterious frame of mind in meeting Glindia and her kin! We sat in front of the dining table as if we are a family and love flown from persons to persons through words.

We finished dine and washed my hands and face. Glindia offered me a brand new turkey to wipe my hands and face. We rested back on couch in drawing room. I looked at the watch. It was 9.15 a.m. I began to get worry. I prayed god to stop every clock needles in India for a few hours. Mean while Glindia called up Nisha and served the issues she met with in last one hour. Nisha spoke for a while and retired.

“Achoos, where are your poems and essays? Bring it out, let me asses how talented you are.” I ordered her with an impish smile like her teacher. She went in and came out with a few note books. She flipped over the pages and showed me her works. I just went through her works. I told her, “I am not much into poetry; I don’t know how to taste any poems. But, yet I feel so nice while reading your lines. Your lines are so expressive. Now, you are only in 10th eh? So, there is a long way ahead for you. Read more and feed more to your brain, okay? My all prayers dear…” I continued reading her lines and her personal diary notes and smiled at her. She suddenly grabbed the book from me and ran away with a loud laugh.

Glindia was observing the mouse and cat chat between me and Achoos from aside. She propelled the conversation again. The Dad was sitting near to us and listening to our stories silently. The Mom brought a plate of neatly chiseled creamy white apples. I asked about Glindia’s college and hostel life. There were a few names I know, among her class mates. Neethu, Anuja, Dilna, Poornima, Jyothy, Ponnetan and all. Glindia narrated the interesting news from this circle of girls. She explained about the Onam festival to be held out in the next week at her campus and the song to be sung on the day by her. I thought of requesting her to sing a few lines for me. But, I didn’t… reasons are many!

I asked Glindia about Arathy, who was her senior. Arathy had been so closer to me for last a few weeks. My mind was literally sandwiched to her. I asked Glindia more and more about Arathy. Suddenly Glindia ran inside and came back with het laptop. She went out to the verandah and I followed her. Achoos too joined by. Glindia opened up her lappy and travelled from folders to folders. Glindia opened up the albums. She arranged the slide show. She became so conversant on every photo of her friends. I saw many photos of her classmates. I was charged up. I saw the cake-eating photos, picnic photos, freaky hostel photos and campus photos in detail.

I looked at the watch. The minute needle was dangerously moving forward. My mind darkened. I started to speak more and to listen more to Glindia’s and Achoos’s words simultaneously. We discussed about the future plans of Glindia, about her job opportunities, marriage expectations and a few more. The Mom came out and gave an ear to my words. I freely advised Achoos to study steadily and live actively. I again looked at my watch, it was 9.45 am. I stood up and told, “Time is up…” I walked inside. Glindia and Achoos followed me. I washed my face again and wiped off with the same turkey towel. Then, I looked at Glindia’s face in grief. Achoos asked me, “Dear, by the way… you want to go toilet?”

“Oh, it’s so nice that you remembered me about it. Well, I wish to.” The girls pointed me out to the toilet on the first floor. I went to toilet; it was a spacious and tidy chamber. I refreshed and came out. Achoos was shuffling some of her certificates in intention to show me. I just sent a glare at them, smiled and patted her in admiration without a word of mouth.

We came back to the drawing room. I turned silent. I couldn’t get any words out. My face crumpled. I stood still for a while idle. Then went to the Dad and mom and did seek their blessings. I spoke nothing. I communicated with silence. Then I turned my face to Glindia. Glindia already knows how touchy I am. She could measure my mind flow better than my Mom!

So… I am going to disperse them all. Glindia, Achoos, Dad and Mom. Everyone impressed me a lot in this short tenure. I don’t know when I can meet them all again in this life. I stepped down into the front yard and put on my sandals. I slightly broke down into… I couldn’t control myself. My mind was full. I beaded with sweat. My visionary organs discharged a few and then I looked at Glindia’s beautiful face again. I was unable to smile at her. Suddenly Achoos pointed me that, “Dear, what’s on your face? Hey, stop there…”

“It’s nothing dear, I just… I will go now… I will call you over the phone later, now can’t speak, sorry my dear…” I beetled off.

“Wait, wait… What is there on your cheek?” Glindia asked me. I lost the taste of my humid emotion and I got mad at her and said, “oh, idiot, its nothing but tear! Damn it…”

It was a loud laughter from Glindia. She said me, “Ha ha… Yea dear, I know about that… But, now we are saying about something else, I think some cotton threads or some dust have stuck up on your face…”

It made me smile and I sent my palms on the face. I found a few wastes as Glindia said. There
were a few cotton threads on my clothes as well. I looked once again at Achoos and finally at the eyes with magical power. I removed it hurriedly and then declared cheerio to the both cutie sisters. On the way I met one of Glindia’s cousins and had a frigid introductory session with him. I reached back at the bus station and boarded a bus back to Guruvayoor. I called up Glindia on phone in the bus and shared our absolute bliss and heartache. “Well, see you on G-talk dear… Byee” I hung up and sat in the bus idle. I looked at the watch, it was 10.10am. My Miss: Y got sad in getting no replies from me for a last couple of hours. She hadn’t been aware of the bittersweet I had!

I joined back at the marriage party in time, just before the wedding feast at the same restaurant to start. I straightaway went to Mani uncle. He told me, “What happened? Why your face look bit gloomy? And, did you meet your friend?”

Everyone at the function asked me the same kind of questions. They all wanted to know where I had vanished soon after the marriage function at 6 am. I repeatedly served the same answer with a lackluster. I was completely lost for the day. I went to have the famous Guruvayoor feast. I sat near to Vishnu and Adithyan. But, the Puttu and steamed bananas was still inside me. It resisted me from being having lot at the restaurant. I just tasted every dishes and winded up. I washed my hands and mouth and spent some time with the gathering. I talked, listened, observed and at last got back to the hotel room.

I packed my belongings. I made sure that I haven’t left something out in room. The retired school master-uncle and my cousin-kids had already evacuated the room. I got off the room and twisted the key in to its own hole on the door. Then, I knocked and entered the a/c room, which was opposite to my room. My VIP uncles were taking rest inside. “Hey, so… what about our bus? Now its 11.45 am. When the bus will be ready to carry us?” I asked them about our return. “I have just now called up the driver. He will be right back in a few hours. It may take 2 at the least. It will take some time to get the glass to mend up. You may take rest over here man… okay” The air force -uncle said and resumed his news paper read.

This was what I needed; a relaxing sleep in an a/c room, which may bring back my moods. I kept my cell phone for charging and went for a calm siesta.

At 2 .30 pm, I awoke from one of my uncle’s gentle kick. I quickly refreshed and walked down to the lobby. Entire wedding team was gathered there with photo and video shots. The fresh couples were twinkling like glow-worms. I too joined and showed my face. After a while, Mani uncle announced that the bus has arrived and to get into bus soon. We ran over to the bus with the luggage on shoulder though it was slightly raining. It was me who reached at the bus spot at first so that I can sit wherever I wish, as usual. But, the most heart breaking thing was, “the bus was opened; without the front windshield glass!”

I could see the driver with an extremely thwarted face. He looked as scary as the convict just to be hanged off. I thought its going to be a catastrophic trek! Everyone including the shining couples reached out in to bus. Everyone baffled at the filthy state of the bus. The luxurious ‘air-bus’ turned out to be an ‘open-air-bus’ now!

“How will he drive us around 400km’s on this crumbled road, that too in this heavy rain?” That was the question in everyone’s mind!

We started by 2.45 pm and reached at Kasaragod by 3.30 am! The bus journey I had was not at all an ordinary experience. The air-bus crept at a poor speed of around 35 - 40 km's. It was heavily rainy and frosty freezing! The driver was pathetic! He drove off the bus as wet as a bike rider. Everyone’s jaws found trembled from the rain attack and chillness; everyone swathed all the holes of their head with the clothes available. My jeans got completely wet. I couldn’t take out my cell phone in fright of water fall. Since, it was the holy Birthday of Sreenarayana Guru, no bars were opened. So, those who wished to be ‘hot’ turned pitifully despair! Everyone who had seen our bus, continuously sprinkled laughter at us; someone even captured this unnatural scene in their cell phones too. What a sweet cheery welcome the newly joined couples had! Many highway-police van followed us and had tough words with us, but my retired DYSP uncle proved that he is not a tiger made up of paper! I haven’t watched this kind of a realistic fun on any comic movies!

Then our marriage trip stopped at Kasargod. But, there was a reception party on the very next day. I met so many new beautiful people and met with so many beautiful incidents. Life overran with loads of mysteries in stock…!