Monday, August 6, 2012

'Santhosh Pandit, God's own man'

‘There is no short-cuts to success’; says Mr. Santhosh Pandit. As per his social websites, he holds Graduation in EnglishDiploma in German, Astrology, Hindi to English translation, Masters degree in HindiStenographyDTP, LLB, Computer hardwarePost Graduate Diploma in Multimedia (Film Editing, Graphics)Graduation in Civil EngineeringPost Graduate in Psychology and Black-Belt in Karate. Moreover he learned a lot from his experience-full life. This simple human being has established himself in various domains in the arena of Filmography. A great Director? A great Actor? A great Cinematographer? A great Editor? A great Costume-designer? A great lyricist? A great story cum screen-play writer? A great singer? A great stunt master? A great choreographer? A great Producer? A great 'special-effects' artist? Mankind is not sure what he is?! In essence, we can categorize him as the most-flexible and versatile personality, which world film industry has ever seen over the years.  

‘Krishnanum Radhayum’ made a big bang in millions of hearts. I feel no wonder in the enormous box-office results the so-called film makes. I am eagerly waiting to watch the movie with my friends. But, I am not sure when I will get the tickets. I have seen the movie-reviews and the unlimited joy and cheer in the audience who came out of the theatre after watching the film. Some theatres in Kerala run 24 hours a day and it is a rejuvenation to the entire film industry. This is the thing which our society needed; a person who can be set as a role model to the upcoming-generation. The mannerisms he brought across in his movie and the inexplicable message he inculcated in form of music in his songs are really capable of shifting human mindsets into cloud nine! I seriously suggest personally to Mr. Santhosh Pandit to give nominations for Academy awards and golden globe awards.

An athletic body, dark complexioned skin tone, sharp tooth, forthcoming dimples, undisciplined hair, impish and 'lipstickered' smile, ultra-masculine sound,  intellectual and rapid gestures of arms while talking and so many microscopic features have turned up as striking erotic factors to the female-youngsters in South India. It was found that majority of his you tube-fans are females! You-tube owe a lot to his talent and reputation. After the entry of Mr. Santhosh Pandit, you tube became more popular among ladies. A drastic news I have got for his ladies fans is, ‘Panditji is married’!

A normal person born and brought up in a district named Kozhikode in Kerala. His schooling were at Chelannur AKKR High School and the graduation in Government Arts College. After his blessed-parents death, he inherited three houses, one of which he sold to raise funds for 'Krishnanum Radhayum'! And, now he has grown up to such an extend enough to make every Malayalees across the globe proud and overwhelmed.

I watch his 2 film-songs in You tube 3 or 4 times a day for last couple of months. Whenever I am mood-out, the number will get increased. I feel a nostalgic pampering out of his works. The moon-walks he made in his visual song and the most sincerest hug he demonstrated to the heroine have always been a cause to exhilarate my pulse.

‘I can reduce the number of cigarettes I smoke and the quantity of rum I consume, but I cant stop myself from watching Panditji’s songs daily as soon as I wake up and before I kiss  my pillow in night’. My friend Mr. Adolph told me.

“People are bored of ‘same’ stories, artificial stunt scenes, insincere romantic plays, bone-less screen-plays, meaningless lyrics, baseless music and synthetic acting; this contemplation made me to think further that why cant I provide a quality service to the human civilization? It made me to give birth to ‘Krishnanum Radhayum’. I am not claiming that this film is a perfect one, but still it’s a small gift I could offer to my fans”; he is on a fluent roll.
This is a rise of an ‘alien star’ to the list of a few names starts from Rajanikanth, Mohanlal, Mammootty till Puneeth rajkumar. He rarely schedules his valuable time for any interviews. After giving an ear to the brainy course of his interview-conversations, my friend Mr. Vishakh labelled him as 'Guru'!.

He gets N number of calls daily from the fans in all the 5 major continents. Its just a start to an exponential growth of a BONE-talented! He already started home works for his next projects named 'Kalidasan Kavitha ezhuthukayanu', 'Jithu bhai enna Chocolate bhai'..etc.. Still to see the miraculous works from this public-friend; the god’s own man.