Monday, June 24, 2013

'Journey to the center of Self!'

'Swamy Vivekanandan's soul departed his perishable body after vibrant 48  years upon realizing that no more avenues to explore herein. In general, we slowly start realizing the mission of own life by pulling socks up and to get on to dais by 48. But, Swamikal finished all his semesters of the course being human by that age! Either his family or friends or enemies or unknown public couldn't influence him as an obstruction in his leap into self-realization. He neither compared himself with others in terms of any worldly features nor worried being incompetent to his so-called successful contemporaneans. His agenda in life was self actualization and he could bring about blossom on his vision. 

But, I feel about myself as a half baked cookie with necessary ingredients composed in but without the required texture. We exist to fuel on others expectations. Our inability and at the same time, other's abilities also hamper our peace of mind. I feel ashamed of my education system for teaching me C++ and Quadratic equations rather than Vedas and Geetha! Unfortunately our environment warns us to be financially secured to sustain in this greedy world. Now food is not something which has got a role to fill the belly. House is not something which should safe guard us from external challenges. Attire is not something to veil us or to enhance the appeal but to communicate our market value. Brandished and counterfeit lifestyle which we aspire to be a part of now, encountered the virtue of ancient 'quality life' equations! This is an era of professional saints who offer paid counseling, online services upon net-banking payment and meditation classes with fat donation. 

Thousands of years back, Gurus like Sandipani or Vyasan or Vasishdhan carried enormous volume of processed knowledge in their brain without any help of hard disc or pen-drive. Those humans imparted quality in the civilians and guided the society from the darkness of dilemma to the light of self awareness. Now, when I look at myself or for that matter most of my acquaintance, I feel guilty in the role being handled and the purpose of existence!  Aadi Shankaran haven't scared of wild animals in the dark forests on his long toe-expedition to find the extreme glory. Swamy Vivekamandan was not afraid of hostile waves while swimming across Indian ocean. 

It is wondrous that emperor Ashokan and Gowtham Budhan didn't influence us as Drona guru's statue changed Ekalavyan's life! Gandhiji used to keep Bhagavatgeetha handy always and he benefited out of it a lot on his challenging life experiments. What I strongly feel is we are proudly bragging about our ancestor's worth and we try surpassing life closing eyes in a state of being physically pleased and spirituality challenged! With the possession of fragile knowledge and extremely unfavorable surrounding, we will need to journey to realize own identity, role, mission and vision. Failing which we can establish ourselves as a successful human being upon chasing our professional and personal targets but leaving the core aim undiscovered! Not being pessimistic but I feel anyone requires to have an insight about own worth for that matter a fisherman or engineer or politician or scavenger or doctor or farmer. Because, the will mold a better world which is fit to live in. It will create humans with broader heart. Or else, going thousands of years forward, this world may become a forest full of sophisticated animals greeding for the flesh and blood of any others!