Sunday, September 30, 2012

'22 Female Virginia'

Ashlie Atkinson is doing her Post Graduation in Occupational Therapy in Tidewater Community College at Virginia Beach. She was famed among gentlemen in her campus for her 181 cms of height and lust-leaking pimply face. She has been self venerated for having blessed with an entrancing elan and eye-catching anatomical features. She had installed a long mirror in her bath room to have a daily microscopic analysis on the peaks and valleys across her. Ashlie is a member of a family consisting 12. Her father was the only mannish constituent in the family and Ashlie was the 5th member in the production-hierarchy of her Dad.

Travelling was her abiding passion and a bottomless hankering to visit most of the big font-names in the world map. Now, she is on her debut visit to India for Curricular Summer Internship Program with the financial support from the US Government for a tenure of 6 months. Ashlie was curious about Indian culture and unique life style. From the moment she experienced Indian soil at her toes at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, she recalled some shots from the movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’! Along with the tarnished slums in India, she also invoked the part of her General Knowledge about incalculable temples and sacred sites in India with more than a billion people and a civilization thousands of years in the making. Incredible India, a country wherein a woman is strictly supposed to enjoy (or suffer) sex with a single guy, that too on her family's recruitment strategy by sacrificing in-built biological passions for name-sake or to upkeep outdated societal laws or so-called culture!

‘White Tiger’, a novel by Aravinda Adige and ‘Eat Pray Love’, a movie starring Julia Roberts inspired her to select India as her internship location. She went to New Delhi by train on 3rd class general compartment from Mumabi instead of on A/C two tier compartments to feel the ground realities of Indian lower middle class. Usually, Ashlie likes to wear costumes which expose most of her parts in public except the spots wherein femininity is at its peak. But, Indian eyes warned her in a single day that she has to rework on her dressing options. It was a new experience to be a part of extra ordinary crowd of different religion, color, costume, age, education and financial grade; and to get suffocated in the sweat smelt air inside the compartment. She grabbed a pleasure in the abrupt re-location from Virginia to New Delhi.

She found an accommodation at a ladies hostel with help of her emergency contact person named Margaret Sofia, who works at US Embassy, India.

Ashlie’s internship centre was Auriga Psychiatry centre in Shalimar Road. Daily she would meet and study hundreds of mentally challenged kids who are at the rehabilitation centre which is a subsidiary unit of Auriga hospital.

She had to slow down the flow of her conversation to make the rest to ease following her movements of lips. After her routine at the Auriga, she would get back to room to make her food, bed and study reports. Sometimes a packet of wheat bread, or a packet of milk, or a bottle of scotch whiskey, or a packet of cigarettes would be in her hands on her return to room in late evenings. She liked to travel by foot or bicycle rather than by train or bus or rick. She liked to wander alone across the city and she liked everyone looking at her and treating like an alien beauty. Some guys used to follow her until they realize that they can’t survive her stare-backs with self-confidence! Each day in India contributed something special to her retina. She witnessed magical diversities in people’s life around and compared it with that of American’s. In a month, she visited the main historical places in and around Delhi and clearly got accustomed to Indian situations and made a good professional network in the city.

After a busy scheduled week, Ashlie was relaxing at Costa Coffee in Connaught Place with a cup of Americano with Mushroom and Cheese Panini. On gulping coffee down, she noticed a guy’s eyes glued at her who sits 3 tables ahead. He was well-costumed with famous foreign brands. She assumed that the gentle man is intended to speak to her. After getting a LattĂ© Caramellato delivered on his table, he got up and headed slowly toward Ashlie’s table with a grinning face and occupied the second chair found around her table. Ashlie couldn’t deny gifting a smile in return to the innocent smile found in front.

‘Hey, how’s coffee?’ Gentleman asked gently.

‘Quiet good… I love coffee…’ She served the answer.

‘By the way, I’m Dilip Vasanth Solanki; you can address me as ‘Vasanth’. I work in Bharti Wallmart, Delhi as Jr. Business Analyst. I don’t know you of course and would love to know though.” He started off with self introduction.

“Fine, I’m not asking you that why are you here? Because, I’ve seen hell a lot of guys like you over less than last 22 years of life.’ Her words strengthened and smile weakened this time.

Vasanth kept the half portioned coffee cup on table and resumed. ‘All right. I do agree that I’m absolutely a stranger to you but, today I want to be a friend of yours by any hook or crook’! He spoke on face of her like an immature child asking for candy to his Dad; and both stood still for a while.

‘You are the 5th foreign lady I met today like this in various contexts! You are gonna be my last destiny and magically the most prettiest!’ 

‘I don’t think you are mentally challenged. But, certainly sounds interesting! Could you brief out what’s wrong with your pathetic condition?’ She insisted.

“Well, I will tell you Miss……….’ He couldn’t finish the sentence.

‘…….Ashlie’ She retorted.

‘Okay, thanks Ash… See, I’m a kinda guy who met so many girls in life and had dating with N number of ‘em. I helped many poor girls... I meant to… to come out of their virginity. Making a girl friend is not a big deal for me. But, I wanna get a super model like you as my better part today!’ He sounded panic.

‘Oh Jesus Christ! Why?’ Ashlie laughed out this time.

‘I will tell you a worst thing which ever had happened to me on yesterday! But, before we enter into that, may I know something about you Ms. Ash…?’ He showed no signs on face of fright of not getting an answer from her to this question.

The ‘global being’ in Ashlie answered to his question in precise and after paying the bill, they started off to walk gently out of the cafĂ©’.

‘So…, do you smoke Ash? Actually I had quit smoking long back. But, yesterday on I started it off again...!’

He started of both smoking and briefing out his history. ‘Look, on the last Wednesday I was at Akshardham Metro Station, heading back to room after work. I noticed a tall foreign girl standing idle waiting for the next train to come. She was not an ordinary girl. First thing I noticed in her was her height. She was about 6 foot. I would be hardly up to the level of her nose holes! Her healthy size of long legs and an attractive conjunction at her buttocks automatically drove me toward her. The experienced proposer in me looked up onto her face and began speaking.’

‘Hi, are you new to Delhi?’ I started off with my updated proposing techniques and it ended up in my first dating with that Italian beauty named Natalie at Barbeque nation in Janakpuri on the weekend. I went to meet her up with my intimate friend Wilfred, who is staying in my neighborhood. Wilfred is working as Asst. Manager Finance at DLF. Since my car was in garage, we went by Alfred's 'Thunder-bird' to the restaurant. I proudly introduced her to Alfred. I asked Alfred to capture some photographs of mine with Natalie. As I had pre-instructed to Alfred, he pretended as if he is busy and left us liberated. Before he disperse from us, Alfred said me in Hindi that, 'Fucker, I feel jealous of you! She is 100 degree hot. Hats off to your dick and tick tick tick, your time starts now' and he departed.

After the lunch at Barbeque Nation, we went to Palika Bazar and roamed till late evening. I invited her to visit my room. She didn't even ask me that 'why to?’ We went to my room by rick. I showed her every room and entered into my master bed room. We have started planning our ‘To Do list’ of the night. She suggested going to pub. But, though I was undergoing an Ayurvedic medication for jaundice’s aftermaths from which I have recovered before couple of weeks, I was advised to not to use drinks or smoke. So, I denied the pub-plan. Our discussion on global topics went on till I could realize that I'm in my bed room with an utmost attractive woman of my choice.'

Ashlie and Vasanth continued their evening walk and Ashlie turned curious on the story flow.

'Ash... I love fashion TV than any other channels and I started watching it from the age of 11. Right from that time, it was my dream to have a woman-friend of more than 180 -183 cms height.' Vasanth's eyes were twinkling with greed.

'Buddy, but, you look below 6 foot and why do you want to have a girl who is taller than you?' She asked with exaggeration.

'I don't know, in girls I adore to height rather than any other features at front or back.' He convinced her and chuckled.

'Well, what has happened in room then? An enjoyable sex-wrestle as usual?' Ash asked him heedlessly.

'I will tell... She was in sleeveless top and tight jeans. I asked her to stand up to compare height looking at mirror. I lasciviously told her that 'Honey, next time you should wear high heals; so that you would look even sexier and your buttocks would appeal fruitful and attractive than of on flat heals!' I smelt her smooth and waxed arms and I got a mixed smell of her sweet womanish sweat and of some Italian body lotions. Her body language was positive and I started rolling my fingers across her hair and arms.

‘How damned smooth is your skin sweetie...’ I rose thrilled. But, unexpectedly she leaned backward and blocked me with a question, ‘Buddy, what you are up to?’

‘I mean… Just…’ I froze at this unexpected question, that too from a modern foreign girl!

‘C’mon sit down; let’s talk as good friends... It’s our very first meet up and you don’t have patience bloody hunter!’ She smile-fully blasted at me.

‘Hey... Hey, what’s wrong...? Chillout honey… See, I guessed you would be frank and open as I have watched in hundreds of Hollywood movies. For instance, the movie ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’! See, in that movie one guy straight away approaches to 2 stranger beauties at a restaurant for group sex. And, that’s how it would be... Eh?” I tried to balance the situation.

che cazzo stai dicendo? (What the hell are you talking about?)’

Her mother tongue spilled furiously during emergency and continued in English.

‘See buddy, Realty is miles away from what you have seen on movies... And, never think that I’m a whore to indulge in physical interaction on our first meet up!’ She sounded furious and continued.

‘Are you virgin? How many times have you fucked your Ex Indian Girl friend?’ She put across valid objective questions.

I remained silent for a while contemplating what to answer to her! I thought whether to say the truth or lie and told without a second thought that, ‘I’m virgin and you are gonna be my first sex partner.’ And, I expected her response.

‘Okay, cool... Anyways, it’s good for you to remain virgin until marriage. Well, so you watch more Hollywood movies rather than Indian movies eh?’ She calmed down and made a deviation to the conversation. I even forgot to ask her a counter question on virginity. My efforts went in vain and anticipated for the next meet up as she ensured. By 9 PM, she asked me to permit her to relieve her to room.

I gave her 3 options to choose to go back to her room. Either by rick or by bus or by bike with Wilfred. She chosen bike-ride and I coordinated with Wilfred. Wilfred reached in another 5 minutes from my information. And, he asked, ‘Dude, how was it? And, any help... eh?’

Before she gets into bike with Wilfred, he told me that ‘buddy, thanks a million for this opportunity’. He was ecstatic and enthusiastic to help me out to transport my girl friend behind his ass. I told my most trustable friend that, ‘Dude, lock your dick and I trust you. Let me run this institution gently, please don’t hamper my goodwill. Don’t apply unnecessary breaks on your ride having her sit at the back seat. And, moreover she is a kinda conservative and traditional foreign girl. So, beware of her!’

I slept off dreaming off about sharing bed with her on next weekend. I kept on doing stagnant follow ups with her via sms and late-night calls emphasizing my passion. 

But, on the last Saturday at noon, when I called up her to invite her to my bed, she told me that, ‘Bonasera bonasera..! Actually, tonight I and Wilfred planned to have an overnight stay in his room.’ I hung up the call and I couldn’t take it.

Instead of talking over phone, I preferred to message her. The chat went on as follows.

Me: I’m shocked! And … Please come to my room and join me dear..!

Natalie: I don’t understand why you are shocked? What’s wrong?

Me: You are my friend first of all. So, I wanted you to be with me tonight. But, end of the day, ultimate decision is up to you. I can’t badger you any more!

Natalie: You know... I can’t spend a night with you. It seems to be not possible to do it just as ‘friends’ So, I think we should just start to spend some other time together.

Me: Okay, Fine... Have good time with Wilfred... I won’t disturb you.

Natalie: Hey, Please don’t understand me wrong! I want to spend time with you! And, I really like you. You’re a good guy. But, I think I like you in another way that you do like me. Am I right?

Me: And, you like Wilfred on ground of lust eh? Anyways, I’m not here with cheap sentiments to ruin your mood. You may have good time. I’m okay!

Natalie: Dude... I don’t wanna hurt you. And, as I said, I like you J And, I would like to have you as good friend!

Me: I wanted your love and romantic pampering too as I have dreamed off! And, I don’t wanna stop you from having sex with Wilfred. He is my best friend and I’m happy for it. But, I too wanted you. I need your company too honey. I wanna share my feelings with yours!

Natalie: No reply!

Me: ?????

Natalie: No reply!

Me: Sunday Night?

Natalie: No reply!

Me: I don’t have any other options. I’m sure on any ground I cannot lose you! I can’t…

Natalie: I will call you later. I think we should talk...

My last message: I wanted to enjoy you! Because, you are the one I found on my own wish and will. Please understand me. I wanna be with you at least for a night. Otherwise, I’m kinda lost. You may enjoy with Wilfred, I’m absolutely okay with that and I knew that you have been spending last 3 nights with him only eh?! L Please, what about tomorrow night?

Natalie: No reply till now!

Wilfred: Sorry man... I hope you can understand me.. Don't take it in a wrong sense.. I don’t have any options… I always believed in whores and this is the first time I have got a girl for my own. I can’t leave her this time! I’m sure that you will get hundreds of other chicks better than Natalie! See you... Keep in touch buddy!

'I have been in the doldrums eversince I poleaxed of this 'lust-faillure'! I realized that I couldn’t have sent her in that night with Wilfred for a drop. I forgot that Wilfred was a guy in search of exact pouch for his penis. He is almost as taller as her. And, he is dark complexioned than me, and it would be certainly liked by a fair foreign girl. And, Natalie loves guys who booze up till nose and mix up drug in blood through syringe! Wilfred was a notorious ‘drink and drive’ chap and a decent druggist that too I forgot before handing over my golden bunch to him! I felt disgraced and I felt extremely lost. My reliable friend played a dirty double game with me and the dream beauty disbelieved in my masculinity which amounts to serious heartache!  I took all my random condom stocks in my cup-board and dumped into kitchen-dust bin and made a pledge over it that ‘I will make revenge for this to both Wilfred and Natalie or else I will never propose a new girl!’ 

‘So, that’s all! I want your help to do this. But, surely I liked your style as well!’ Vasanth finished the story with a deep out breathe.

Ashlie nodded calmly looking Vasanth’s ashen face and said, ‘Oops, it’s weird. But, nothing is special in this case. I heard hundreds of similar stories like this in my campus. So, you wanna make me here a bloody scapegoat eh? See, you are a handsome guy; moreover handful too. Even if you haven’t had this story to brief out with me also, I couldn’t have rejected your proposal. I liked you even at the first glance it self... Honestly speaking!’ She giggled looking at flickered eyes on Vasanth’s face.

‘Thanks Ash... Thanks a ton... But, I wanna revenge; a lucid tit for tat!’ Vasanth replied and they dispersed for the day.

Couple of days went on. Wilfred and Natalie carried on with boozing till early mornings and experiencing the elation in exchanging the warmth in their body and mind it each other thrice or four times thereafter! They lead a sexual life better than of newly married couples with odd and ‘out of the box- experiments’ on bed.

Ashlie and Vasanth met again over two Campagne saucer of cocktail and discussed on Vasanth’s revenge plans. Vasanth wanted Ashlie to tackle Wilfred and to make a strong emotional bond. Then to tempt him into her bed room wherein an arranged sex seen of himself to be made with Ashlie on  Wilfred’s entry to give him a shock at heart.

But, Ashlie being an experienced tourist across different life situations suggested Vasanth that, ‘Hey, do you bear in mind the uncountable faces of girls those who passed through your woman-hunt and got hurt themselves?! How do you look at those girls?’

Vasanth had nothing other than his silence to show.

She continued, ‘…And, as you said, let’s arrange a sex scene of us in a room. But, no need of Wilfred’s intervention! There is no point in this childish form of cheesy revenge. You should go back to him and make him understand that you value his company rather than a third girl’s beauty. Wilfred will realize once that getting a real friendship is thousand times valuable than getting a fragile beauty-asset on bed!’ Beautiful statement had been flown out of rather beautiful lips.

‘And, one more modest recommendation... Take it from me dude; never ever claim that you are a virgin to any more girls even if you are one also which is applicable to every Romeos!’ They both cheered up.

Vasanth got healed from his mental distress with a magical medicine called ‘time’. Ashlie has shifted her accommodation to Vasanth’s rental house and lived up to highest enjoying the glorious treasure in the Super model woman. Vasanth decided to not switching girl friends at least for the next 5 months until Ashlie leaves India. Vasanth has forsaken his misery forgiving his dearest friend and they remained in close touch. But, he didn’t mind to meet Natalie anymore, who was separated from Wilfred and hounded like an unstoppable bitch behind another proactive dog for a better show.

7 years passed. Both Vasanth and Ashlie were still in touch. During Vasanth’s official trips, he never forgot to meet up Ashlie who was settled in her home town Virginia, working as chief counselor in Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center, Virginia with her latest boy friend. Whenever they meet, Ashlie would mention a name which would still make Vasanth running out of words; ‘Natalie’!

One day, Vasanth got a picture mail from Ashlie. It was of a skinny girl with discolored and countable number of hair-strips on helm. The face was wrinkly and eye balls deep within 2 dark holes of face. The subject of the mail was ‘Hey is this ‘Natalie’ is the one whom you know? If so, I’m sorry to say that she is suffering from immunodeficiency disease. And, for god-sake… I hope Wilfred is doing well!’

Vasanth replied to Ashlie ‘Yes, I too hope so! Thank you for the valuable information Ms. Ashlie Atkinson!'