Saturday, March 6, 2010

What to write...?

‘How to write effectively’? I know that it’s an effortless question. We can gather up a lot of answers to this query. Even I am also thinking the right answer right now. Because, I badly needed to tune my time effectively. I am being put in bed now, after a cruciate ligament surgery! It was a pitiable football injury which made me to think of ‘how to write effectively?’ But, are there any other activities which I can go for? My sister Asha told me “Obviously there are, Ambyetaa... Watch Hollywood movies on your loaded lappy. Or, be a voracious worm on any blissful books” It was so easy for Asha to offer options like this. But, along with my health state, my mental state was also chaotic! Because, I was a speedy, energetic and smart ‘complan boy’, who runs, jumps and rolls over all over the country! 

So, this 2 week bed-rest was like beyond my tolerance limit. There was no pain on my knee, since the surgery went successful. But, my dynamism got shrink from this disability. I had to use damn crutches even to go lavatory :( I was merely undergoing a sort of suffocation, irritation and utter blankness!

So, I thought of proposing ideas into articles, keeping an optimistic anticipation in mind, that writing will help me out to regain my mental peace during this toughest tenure of my 'so far life'. But, seriously I don’t know that ‘how to capture public attention to my articles in this busy, moreover lazy world’! I asked to my friend Dhanesh Poduval, the same question. He opined “When you write, don’t hide anything. Don’t be frightened of anyone or anything. Bring everything out of your mind without censoring or filtering’’ Poduval was right. When we write, we should be least bothered or no longer bothered about those who read it. Need to assume that, we are going to delete the document completely. So, the genuineness will flow effortlessly. But, what should be the topic? How to start? How to find a sexy thread? These funny queries started pondering out in me. 

And, I thought about the length of the passage to be made. I am a 'Malayalam medium product'. So, for me, writing an article in English is like 'sending fish for space research'! Because, my vocabulary is awfully puny. And, when i think about grammar and spelling i can still sense the tenderness of Kunhiraman sir's 'cane stick wound' at the back of my left thigh :) Oops! So, I can’t even think of a passage beyond 2 - 3 pages. I silently, but enviously admired Sidney Sheldon, who had been a 'dad' to more than 20 novels with pages ranging on an average of 400 respectively! So, :) I really better go and munch peanuts to kill my time, rather than thinking about making an article! But, Once upon a time even ‘he’ was also a debut in the field of writing, I self consoled :)

“If you read any honored books, then you can feed well the starving writer in you. It will help you out to collect plenty of raw materials to manufacture an article of your own”. It was my friend Bhavya Mohan’s dominant answer. It was really sound. She ushered me to her blog, wherein she made her own world out of flavored language. But, the intensifying gloom in which I was put in, made me reluctant to obey Bhavya. No mood to read. Moreover, no mood to EAT my mom’s hand-made cuisines too! I was in such an excruciating boredom.

Well, no scarcity for inspiration for me from my lovable friends. But, still I was dubious about the minimum expected quality to be maintained to my new born essay! Anyway in case if I mould an article, i am surely going to expose it before my lecturers, friends, relatives and any magazines if possible. He he.. So, I should be so careful in preparing the same. Or else, all these will start blaming me or at the most, they will persuade my dad to pack me to a mental hospital!

I thought of writing about 'my love towards football' and the result I got out of it, i.e. a 2 year long full fledged injury series. That brought tons of evils into my sweet life! One more thing, if I focus on my ‘pathetic self story’, which will sprinkle sentimental powder on all. And, it will easily grab the reader’s market. But, attaining an emotional edge through portraying the dark episodes of the life is an antiquated and cheap technique used by the quixotic writers with narrow imagination! I am not that cheap. And I do have talent, creativity and imagination. I mean, I hope so :)

'What if i put down some real life situations from my own life?', i thought for a while. But, who will be interested to peep into my boring life?! I badly realized the fact :( Gradually, I turned disappoint for not being found with a topic to go on. I decided to sleep during day time. That I don’t do usually. I had had no practice of sleeping in day time. But, I heard from Arathy that, if you sleep in day time you will happen to meet with uncanny nightmares! Sorry, ‘day-mares’! :) So, I spent hours and hours at sleeping soon after my lunch to get an apt sperm required to deliver my article.

It was an amazing experience. Sleep in day time was worthwhile for me as a good pass of time. But, I haven’t met with any dreams! So, my plan of preparing an article remained as a dream! My mind was in 'tabula rasa' still! I cursed Arathy for her feeble advice. Damn it! I shared my worries with my mate Anoop. He consoled me “It is so easy to prepare an article. Log on to
, and enter your topic. Within no time your article will be ready there. The only effort needed is, you have to copy-paste the contents onto your blog”! He might think that, I am writing articles to impress people and to build an image before them. And, he failed to recognize that, what I wanted was self actualization and relief. I befell so poignant. 

Finally i decided to consult with my best friend Arsha. I know that it will be my final step. And, either i will happen to launch my article or i will eternally bring my plan of sentence creation to a halt after hearing Arsha. She's not only my friend. She is like my 'guru'. Because, she made me to purchase '5.someone' through a strong brain waving tablet, before 1 year. That was the first English novel i read. Cheers to anju :) So, i submitted my spiralled worries on behalf of Arsha. And, her answer was not that interesting. She blindly told me 'Ohh! Amby.. So you are gonna write article! huh? Dont make me and the society laugh at you.. okay?' I blanched! I wondered with excitement, 'how come this bloody friend knows that i can't write well?!' I blatantly grinned at myself with a bitter disenchantment .. :(

I asked god, ‘when I can publish my own article?’ And god replied that …… :)


  1. wow....I am really flattered...your very own first post officially!!keep up!nice start.....proud of ya~

  2. wow..dat was an awesome piece of work...not a bad vocab as u claim...trying to b humble..hmm well...i think i can c a chetan bhagat in d making...

  3. hmm..............not bad for a start. u have a tune of flamboyence in ur style of writing. but too much humility really........but keep on writing.

  4. Bhavyaaa :) its not ma 1st one indeed.. :) well.. :) great 2 read al these supportive comments :) No special thanx 2 ma own frends :) Keep critisizing mee :)

  5. Adypoly kk :) proud of u my boyy.. keep it upp..

  6. Ya!maybe the 5.Someone effect's also working on u...
    You have the shades of that down to earth language.
    Well done!

  7. I humbly Thank fr ur precious comments Neeya :)

  8. First of all bro thanx 4 stopping by at my blog and reading my blank thoughts :) do drop by again and njoy the reads...

    Nw coming to ur blog... specially talkin about this particular blog post.. the topic itself attracts every reader to get glued to it. i loved reading it. My cup of horlicks hehe lol!!!. i would luv to subscribe ur blog and gat bak 4 more...

    keep blogging bro

    Gud Luck!!!



  9. i'm really so PROUD of ur accomplishments.U r specially an extra ordinary man....

    The one who respect himself and listening to his heart can only think widely.Inside every one a writer is present ,but its not possible for all to renew the art of their perceptions.Bt here u r.!!
    Here i would like to qoute some writer quatations:
    *A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.
    by,Friedrich Nietzsche .
    *If a writer knows enough about what he is writing about, he may omit things that he knows. The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one ninth of it being above water.
    by,Ernest Hemingway .

    I can strongly say dat..,in next coming yrs..,u will be the one among them.

    wishing u all de very best.

    GO AHEAD!!

    u know one thing,
    in ur blogs i can feel the living people .'U' did it.

    ..really here i'm struggling for words to convey ma more and more comments ....

    write more............

  10. Nice post. I like your style of writing. I think God ended up saying "very soon"! =]

  11. Hey, nice blog you have and you did a great job by starting a blog. You have a very unique and stylish way of writing. Loved it!

  12. i may be a little late to read this, because from this post you have traveled a lot. still i am glad i read this. its really a nice read..... i too join all your other friends in putting my thumbs up.... great job.

  13. ThankU soo much fr such an apreciating words.. ;) to Mr.Ash tray, mindwriter n alll ;)