Monday, July 29, 2013

The infinite!

Nature is an utmost disciplined and responsible parent who even does forfeit own life before children's mountainous necessities. It has traits of a loving mother like tolerance, sacrification, tranquility and inbuilt drive to nurture the offspring.

Most wondrous elements in nature are not 'the seen'. Instead, those are the violent potency locked within. Nature's patience is the ultimate mystery!

In broader aspect, existence of a 'mustard-sized' sphere with unimaginable vulnerability which revolves around a 'boiled ball of plasma' for countless millenniums with accurate rhythm is above any scientific reasoning and beyond our imaginary horizon. This horizon will be much familiar a mirage for every human as we have been visioning it at a hairy distance but to get lost in oblivion as there is no room for a path ahead.
Everything around us in nature are magically balanced. Every pages of encyclopedias remind us the skills of the creator. Behind every fortune we enjoy, there is a mortiferous danger hidden which remains as the most enigmatic secret; wherein all questions die unanswered.

Any minute variance likely to be occurred to nature's sequenced antique-functioning may unlock the hidden horror in nature ensuing final sabotage!

To me, every earthquake, volcano, Tsunami, drought, flood etc we have seen to date sounded like gentle reminders; the discharge of mother nature's a few drops of tear. Those 'petty' calamities never petrified me but generated nothing more than devotion to the mother nature for her tolerance.

Let's be gratified to the mother-nature for the scheduled seasons and balanced facilitation which extends to every cells with micro-perfection.

The art of creator is called science. But, manual science has no substantiation behind the inception happened even before the big-bang!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Metro Rain!

Clouds burst and massive rain pins shed on the mob like an unexpected archery attack. Chocolate colored muddy water conquered entire surroundings. Many insane vehicles with different number of wheels found racing by ripping traffic rules apart and they splashed dirty water at man's height.

I rushed into the piggy refugee crowd beneath the over bridge. Clueless ladies and violent men tried hard dodging from the 45 degree angle of stormy downpour. One senior citizen capitalised the adversity of a completely wet blonde by gluing his eye-balls at her breast-balls.

I and my accessories got drenched to the core except my cell phone which I preserved inside an isolated cover. My debit cards and pan card took their maiden bathe'.

Droplets mixed with miscellaneous dirt fell down of the pedestrian-over bridge to all of us standing down. I had to squint always while looking around to avoid the dirtiest drips to infiltrate the fence of my eye lashes.

When I caressed my fingers across my scalp, I found countless fragments of rubbish. It flew down to my face and spread across my outer and inner wears. My laptop bag too got soaked in the fall of nasty water.

Gradually an empty bus came and it stopped a few meters away. I escaped into it crossing the flooded road. When I entered into the bus with thousands of drops with me, 'IT professional look-alike' girls in the bus stared at me with sarcasm and disgust. I rose my head and inhaled deep as a winner with nothing to lose!

I asked the conductor: 'Do you have tissue papers?'

'No!' He retorted.

'At least news papers?' The tiring day continues...!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

When a relation is born!

I have a sibling; a 'male-sibling'! 

Nevertheless, several times I faced this question from my teachers, friends, colleagues etc - ‘Don’t you have a sister? If then, she could have been a pretty angel... eh?’ My repeated negative reply to this query has been an undisrupted distress.

Although she was my ‘blood-relative’ and labeled as my cousin, I could meet her only after two decades of my life. Weird factors restrained us from meeting ‘on time’. Fate stole 20 years of our life. Any brother will have the most fruitful time of relation with his sister during childhood, which I haven’t had at all. 

One fine day, I got an opportunity to visit my uncle’s house. She (uncle's daughter) was all alone at house in the after noon. The main door disclosed upon reacting to my calling bell. A tall, slim and fair girl appeared affront. She is 4 years younger to me. It was our first meet. In addition to an orange top and a jet black frock, she was in a new apron with a ladle in hand. Her face was bright and breezy. 

I had self-induction with my blood-relation as ‘I’m Ambareesh, trust you could recognize me by my name!’ 

The hidden sun rose at her lips and without any ignition trouble she took me inside. We didn’t speak as if we were absolutely new to each other till time, but we felt an imperceptible comfort level to each other. She continuously spoke about her Engineering course and professional dreams. I could still memorize that she was fanatical after ISRO and Nano technology and conversant about Harry Potter and Twilight series. I had never seen a garrulous girl as she was. She spoke ‘sense’ with aid of scientific facts and substantiations. This happened before 5 years from now! Through her, I got to know about her family in depth and could engineer a brawny bond of relation. During her graduation, I got familiarized with her close friends. I even fall in platonic love with one of her seniors. It sustained till our families dispersed the affair on ground of emaciated horoscope match!  
Best things I adored in her were her innocent mind and elegant appearance. Beauty in her was at equilibrium both in her outlook and outline. She always spoke her mind! Her uncompromising talent in classical dancing, proven brilliance in academics, persistent self-confidence, robust devotional base and impulsive respect to elders made me proud of own sister. I didn’t have to research for worth-factors in my sister but those were vividly evident and existent along with her personality. 

I felt as if her tranquil house premises have a magnetic power which could exert a pull on me always. It’s situated in a rich grove full of lofty coconut trees, olden woods and herbal plants. The focal appeal in there is a large puddle situated beside house which is filled with sky-blue water. During rainy season, I used to sit on the marble floor at the foyer for hours looking at thousands of small circles which drizzle draw on the surface of the pool-water by chit chatting with everyone. Whenever I see her with uncle, I enjoyed being a part of the flow of hilarity between the daughter and father. Those were funny conflicts between 2 generations. 

I couldn’t have gifted anything to her till now. Not even a B’day cake! I kept all in due. 

Now, I wish to root here out my mindset revolving around her. We relocated to the same city for my work and for her studies. She deputed me as her LG (Local Guardian) in her college records. I used to get frequent calls from her, whenever she fall sick and situation demands medication. 

Whenever I befall mentally drained, without any basis I get energy out of thinking of her face. She has not inspired me with any sessions of counseling or advises as such to recall. But, still I feel her influence in my living. I do not want to describe anything more here. This is a piece of tribute to my bliss within which will remain eternal.