Tuesday, July 26, 2011

'Bad morning'

Impact of a slight rainfall in my city is worse than that of a deluge in my village! I left my office at 7pm, with my HOD to a faraway-nook of the city, Marathahalli for an advertising deed. We reached Marathahalli in an hour through terrific traffic knots. But, even before we start off the work, the black sky started to piss off on us!

My 'respected sir' ordered me to drop the preplanned official-schedule of the night and to get back to my bed soon and he went off to his house. After feeding myself from a spicy-fragrant restaurant, I too reached my house, situated on the 4th floor of an endearing building. The machine on my wrist showed 1.30am; out of all my 4 roommates, 3 were slept after their dinner and 4th guy named Mr. Mithun was talking erotically on phone. As soon as I enter the house, I asked him, 'why the hell didn’t you guys cleaned up the kitchen? It's completely messed up like shit...!" I asked with a polite smile.

He told me, 'Hey Boss, no water... Don’t simply jabber in the midnight... If you want to drink water, take this and leave some drops for me okay..?' I reached out the half-emptied bottle and asked, 'But... How can I take shower now? I'm too tired from long ride and work! My foot is already wet and it will reek badly if I remove my holy pair of sock, for sure I need couple of buckets of water... What do I do dude?!'

'Hold on a sec my doll...' He convinced and covered the bottom hole of his cell-phone and told me, "Ohhh... Fuck off you HR... Don't even think of all those..!'

'Oh lord! I'm not a dirty pig like you... I want to bathe’...! Well, did you inform the owner-aunt about this?’ I retorted.

'Well.... will inform tomorrow. Otherwise, that fuckin’ aunty will blast at us if we call now!'

I changed my dress, wore my night-dress. One of my roommates named Mr. Jobin had soaked his dirty dresses in one bucket in the morning and it is still there. I washed my foot with that soap fluid and rubbed with towel. I washed my face with around '2 gulps' of water and drunk a bit from the bottle.

No water to clean the toilet closet! So, I went down to road-side with Mithun to urinate and over to the bed thereafter.

Just before I close my eyes to the world of dreams, I texted to the Owner-aunt, "Gm,, I'm Ambi, ur PG inhabitnt.. Sory 2 distrb u n dis moning Anty.. V hd no wtr 2 drnk o 2 go toilt o 2 take bath whole nyt frm 9 nwrds! So, plz switch on pump as soon as u woke up n d morning.. n v r realy fed up of dis watr prob! Tanku aunty,,"

I dozed off abruptly, since the clime was very chilled, the blessed. But, I missed out something in the sleep without a bath!

I woke up in the morning by 7 from the noisy dressing-up procedures made by my roommate named Mr. Rajashelvam. From his body-words, I understood that, something is wrong. I checked out my inbox. A text sms from Owner Aunty. It says, "Ambi, g.mrng dpipe is cutoff somewhere near ur house, since y.terday, vnoticd now,ill repair and ondborewell,plz srry for d inconvenience!"

This sms REALLY woke me up! Rajashelvam had to go to his office at 7.15. I asked him, 'What about your bath? And, what about your basic activities like shaving, tooth brushing... Etc..?'

'There was a little water in the bottom of water bottle, I just freshened up the tips and sides of my important organs including..." and he applied all the possible body lotions available in the room across his body and also sprayed Axe and Park Avenue-good morning! He walked off decently as usual, Tamilnadu-style! 

I awakened Mithun, Firoz and Jobin. Firoz decided to challenge life even without a single drop of water and he too walked out after dressing up, Karnataka-style!

We kept opining different resolutions. 'We can go to our friend's room... uncle's quarters... ‘Pay and use’ Public toilet... Etc...”

Jobin told suddenly, 'Why can't we go to swimming pool? Mithun has been crying for this morning plan for a long time eh? Now the situation beckons... And, time to make a move....’

"Will there be any ladies in pool? Will there any gender wise separation-barricade in pool? And, will there be separate toilet and bathing area? And..." many questions came across under the sway of this idea.

We got ready quickly. All of us were in God's own national costume called 'Lunky'. We bagged towel, fresh under wear, soap, shaving set, a tiny pocket-mirror, brush and tooth powder. By 8.30, we started off in 2 bikes and we did reach the destination in 10 minutes. Mithun paid the amount and we entered the swimming association. There were a handful of gents and kids swimming and jumping and sitting ashore.

We removed our dress and appeared in shorts. We checked out that are there any toilets and bathrooms. There was an open-shower area. We went underneath and took a shower. There was an Indian toilet without door! It was only meant for urination. We brushed our tooth and got ashamed to apply foam on face and shave, so dropped the scheme of shaving.  

We spent a little while in the chlorine water. I and Jobin 'walked' in the shallow area of pool by holding hands together and inquired to the guard about the swimming learning classes. Mithun was the hero among all of us since he could keep his head submerged in water for more than 4 seconds, even though he doesn't know swimming.

Mithun showed me, petite air-bubbles coming out of water from his ‘effort’! We all contributed our share of 'salt and smell' to the pool and got back over to the 'land' and squeezed the dresses.

After all, we could reach the office on time. But, I was not at all happy. My hair smelt fowl. My stomach is not ‘formatted’. I didn't shave! I wore the same dress I wore last day! Because, I don't wanted to disgrace a fresh costume for being on the 'dirty me'!