Monday, September 26, 2011

'A Beautiful Smile'

Like you do, I too meet ‘N’ number of Ladies daily of different complexion, different height, different mass, different anatomy, different voice, different profession, different knowledge-range and different background. Whenever I am ‘normal’, I never miss a lady unnoticed even if I am out with my family; even if I am on foot through a massive crowd. I will be attentive on the lady-faces bypass me; because, I do not wanted to miss even a single chance to glimpse at any eye-catching face. Here, I explore a recent critical experience of seeing a Beautiful face.

Few days back, one candidate from BOSCO charitable foundation, named Mr. Gangadhar has come up for the interview and I selected him for one of my company outlets in operations Department. After some days, I got a call and it was a female-voice. Her name was Ms. Sylvia. She spoke in English with a Malayalam base. I presumed that it’s a stunning chick who wears tight jeans and sleeveless top. But, Ms. Sylvia told me that she is the Chair-person of the BOSCO foundation. There are around 60 inhabitants residing at her institutional hostel including working people, studying pupil and lazy bugs.

After her introductory session, I asked, “that’s fine, what shall I do for you now?”

“Mr. Ambareesh, I am pretty happy that you have provided employment to one of my boys. He is enjoying his work now.”

“Oh, that’s good. It’s my duty and pleasure’ I replied humbly. “By the way, are you from Kerala? Your accent says so.” I resumed.

“Yea, I am.” She told.

“Oh, Keralathil Evideya? Actually Malayaalikalod nhan English parayaarilla. Malayalam maathre vaayil varoo..” (Oh, which part of Kerala are you from? And, actually I use only Malayalam with the Kerala-guys.)”

“Aha, Nhan Kotayam aanu. Ambareesho?” (Aha, I am from Kotayam. And, what about you?) She too started up in Malayalam.

After a prolonged talk, she told that, it will be appreciable if I could provide job to the eligible candidates in her Foundation at Au Bon Pain, my company.

I asked her to come over to my corporate office and to have a discussion with my HR manager.

Next day, I found Mr. Gangadhar sitting in the office lobby with a lady. She was around 50 years of old. Her dressings were Saree and full-sleeve Blouse and I guessed that she is a nun. I made out that, she is not at all an average-lady at a single glance.

We had an official meeting. Since, Mr. Sandesh, the HR Manager was also in the meeting, we spoke in English start to end. I found a very special touch of way in her style of speaking, eyeing, gestures and smile. A range of luminous Aura was at its best in her face! Her spectacles laying over the nose and pretty decent costume gave me a feel that I am speaking to a quality-lady. I am in front of some one, who is nearer to God! I felt the energy-flow from her face and voice. Each time she smiles I was fascinated.

She invited us to visit her Foundation. I went there with Sandesh Sir. As she said, she was the CHAIR-person of that foundation, situated in Magadi Road. There were only basic facilities at the office. But, the infra structure provided to the inhabitants and the cleanliness was appreciable. A crucified half-naked god-man’s statue found affixed to the wall above Ms. Sylvia’s seating.  She took us across the four story building. We delighted that, it is a charitable foundation which offer bed and food to the ran-away children for last 32 years! Ms. Sylvia has been serving here for last 20 years. Whenever she confronts any of the boys in the hostel, she behaved as if she is the Mom to all. She addressed everyone as ‘Ente kannaa..”(my dear Baby..)

“Here, daily we get children coming in, those who abscond from native place due to several issues like step-mother harassment, pitiable monitory state, lonesomeness and so on. We find them from Railway stations and streets mostly.”  Her voice fluctuated as per the intensity of the words.

Sandesh sir and I looked into their life. I could feel the fright and anxiety in their eyes on seeing us, like the cocks in cage! They are home-less, some are not even aware of their parent's name. They were purely parented and brought up by the circumstances!

BOSCO is providing some practical handicraft trainings in various streams like motor-mechanism, color printing and driving. The basic food will be given daily 3 times. New dresses are distributed to everyone on the event of New Year . There is library, TV room and a study center. A certain amount will be given to them as pocket money in every week. My eyes literally flickered on knowing the amount. It was Rs. 50/- per every weekend. God is not a socialist; I bottom-lined ‘once more’. It was a happy-hub of dispossessed!

Ms. Sylvia recalled many occurrences she underwent over the last 20 years. One of her boy came back with a Big Jack fruit in pursuit of finding his father after a lingering search! She has showed us a thick photo album full of old memories. This explained a beautiful and humid history. Ms. Sylvia looked pretty young in old pictures.

I have got every possible relative-designation-holders including father, mother, grand father, grand mother, brother, sister, uncles, aunties, cousins, lover, friends, girl friends and many more. But, the humans stay there were ones, who have got only Ms. Sylvia as relative under sun!

On visiting the work shops, Sandesh sir had words with the boys in there from different religions. He spoke in Kannada, to whom who doesn’t know to sepak in English. He told, ‘Hudugare, nimige gotha, even nanu kannada mediumnalli kalidadu! Mathe, illi Bangaluralli bandu language pick up maadidhadu. Haadre, neevu ellru try maadidre, nimige kooda Englishalli mathaadlike aagthade.. Gothaaythaa?” (Guys, even I studied in Kannada medium schools. I learned to speak this good in English only after coming to Bangalore by practicing and practicing. So, you can also pickup your language if you seriously try! Got it?) Boys around us were smiling with amusement as if they have won lottery!

In the end, we assured her maximum support my company could offer to help the inhabitants. Ms. Sylvia invited Sandesh sir to conduct inspirational sessions to the boys on weekends and Sandesh sir aggressively agreed  for it.

We returned. On the way, I told to Sandesh sir that ‘it was one of the best smiles I have ever seen!’ 
‘Yes Buddy, she is not behind any fucking materialistic gains like others do. She sacrifices selfish-life and these children are her life!’ He continued with his plans to help Ms. Sylvia and the Organization and to initiate something by own toward the societal imbalances!

I told, ‘Seriously I wish if I could stay there for a day to sense the mother in her…!’