Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hey, Whatsap?

Why it’s important to greet colleagues as you start off a fresh day? Isn't it a little childlike to perfunctorily shake colleague’s hand on everyday in the morning!?

A hand-shake smeared with intrinsic smile which you gift to your colleague at the office in the morning communicates that ‘you are privileged, blessed and glad to work with him/ her’ in the organization even or not if it’s for a short tenure out of your long life span. This hand-shake implies an exchange of flash of motivation and sense of unity which lets an individual to kick start the day with a confident mode of delivering output prolifically. A mutually heart-felt hand-shake acts as a pesticide capable of nullifying most of the feeble workplace misunderstandings.

This may enable one to administer own work pressure/ gentle official arguments/ cumbersome of pending work/ chasms/ internal conflicts, with the colleague, with an attitude infused with humanity. The ‘first hand-shake’ reminds us about the beauty of having the magnificent opportunity to associate with and work as a team towards a collective goal being bread winners of respective families, which fills up a major part of our lives!