Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Bucket list - 2012'

She asked me to write an essay about ‘Goals in 2012’ in more than 300 words, post to a competition announcement in her company. I asked her, “Will there be complimentary prizes for all the participants?” 

“I am not aware of complimentary prizes and all; but, I am sure that the CTS will reward the winner well”! She answered confidently as a company spoke-person.

“What to write?” I thought. I am even uncertain about my whole life. I often feel about myself that I am aimless or even clueless when I wake up from sleep in the dawn and when I go to sleep in night. But, after hearing to her I started to think about the next year. I have seen 23 new years so far. Each significant deduction from my total life span has accumulated something in me; many changes in my appearance, character, attitude, perceptions...Etc... And still on a verge of change!  I am sure that saturation is at the infinity for a human. She swayed me to think on the changes I have to undergo in 2012 (Though I determined that I need to CHANGE and I have to modify myself a lot in assorted perspectives). Since I fritter the majority of my time at my office, my world get shrunk into a small zone. My life is being spent at work; so, my main goals orbit around my organization.

Let me prepare a ‘Bucket list’ of the things to be done in the next year.

1)  1) To improve my market value in HR market: - Job in Au bon pain is my first main stream job. Working in Human Resource Department will give umpteen opportunities to meet more people from various backgrounds. When I was pursuing my Degree, I either wanted to be a psychologist or else an HR Manager. Because, I like to scrutinize human minds and to analyze persons. Interviewing an absolutely strange man or woman is a fascinating experience. In 2012, I should improve my market value by sharpening my skills and knowledge into a great extend. I should turn out to be a crucial brick-stone in my company’s HR department. I should transform myself from an HR kid into an HR man-age-er.

2) 2) To be more jovial with everyone (or show off):- My new colleague Mr. Faiyaz told me that I am not impressive when it comes to interpersonal skills and body language. He suggested me to use more ‘How are you’s’ when I meet anyone at the office and ‘bye bye’ when I disperse from the work place daily. I still have get accustomed to the fact that, ‘I should not respect anyone beyond a limit unnecessarily; especially to someone who ignores me’. There will be different attitude level in different persons. Being ‘down to earth’ or over-humble nature in the various organizational contexts will keep us stuck in between brackets. To combat to the attitude issues in the work-place, I have to position myself on a comfortable floor. I have to avoid restricting my casual flow of talk and natural body language when I meet the superiors at the work place.

3)  3) To practice original smiling: - Another issue he pointed out was about my artificial smile I produce in most of the situations. So, here on I have to work out to make my smiles striking. Scientists claim that human is the only animal who can smile. So, i have to make sure that i am very much a homo sapient! Corporate relation is something not between the hearts; but, between the brains. Most of the corporate relations I have seen in my minuscule work life have been mainly for a purpose; to ease the work. But, in my current organization, I did not feel the mark of ‘use and throw’ relationships. “If you really believe in your skills and sure about your present state; you will automatically look confident; so that you will enjoy work-life”. I heard it from Mr. Renjith, the Malayalam movie maker. So, I have to start searching that whether I have to be confident or not on the ground of any hidden skills.

4)  4) To learn guffawing at poor jokes: - I am a big fan of humor. All of my first-aid friends are deadly humorous. I believe that every intelligent people will not be humorous; but, every humorous people will be surely intelligent. Education and literacy will fall short in front of pure sense of humor. Many times I remained silent in film theaters when the whole crowd laugh out loudly; either something is wrong with me or with the film. Likewise, I will not laugh at poor ‘so-called jokes’. When you do not laugh at something which makes the all around you laugh, then such incidents will give you a label as ‘not-so-social’.

5) 5) To stay at 73kgs:- By the grace of god, if I could celebrate 2013 New Year night, I should not be the same person what I am now! Now I am of 73kgs of weight. I seriously wish if I could restrict my body going beyond the same in the coming year. I found out that, only Yoga can help preventing pot belly even if I have belly-full of intake 3 or 4 times a day.

6) 6) To be more handsome and attractive: - I should be more handsome than of now. When I look at a girl’s face, my stare should be influential enough to penetrate into her heart (which never happened till time). The yoga is the way I found to achieve it. Yoga is not only a traditional body maintenance procedure. But, it’s a way of living. A Yogi has to get up early in snow and should take a shower in cold water. It’s a play with fresh air. I stay on the 4th floor of the building and the balcony is rich in breeze always. It will stimulate each and every cells in the body by fueling energy and it will transform our (my) body into a meaningful one. It balances both the body and mind and makes the days cheery. I heard that, “no need of facial treatments or any beauty parlor operations if we do Yoga daily!”  Remaining physically and mentally healthy keeps the life alive.

7)  7) To date some pretty chicks: - I don't use cigarettes, liqueur and whores; these are not my weaknesses. But still, I am a bachelor with loads of romance deep within. I am sure that only my first night after marriage will break my virginity. The marriage will happen in a couple of years probably (as per family standards). So, then I will never be a bachelor again. Sacrificing the ‘golden era’ of life for my ‘lucky-wife’ is a cruelty to life. Restricting our timely biological needs sound awkward. So, taking bath without getting wet is my path. Bangalore is rich in beautiful girls. I hate being inside my room on weekends and would like to roam around in parks, fast food cafĂ©’s and shopping malls. So, one of my main goals of 2012 is to date maximum girls as possible (Because, 2012 can be the world-end). I have to upload more attractive photos in facebook to get an effectual result. My friend, Mr. Anoop Narayanan sends 10 friend requests on an average daily to the selected girls in the facebook. He is happy if at least 3 got accepted; and, at least 1 will be the one with him for the next some days at Au Bon Pain or at multiplex or in Lalbagh.

8)  8) Find a little time for family and friends: - My basic duty being human is to love my family and being loved by my family. Every New Year has been keeping me far-flung from my Dad and Mom. Every person start their life tour from a womb and it will go on to heartbreaking distances! I really miss the days on which my Grandma or Mom took care of my bath with ‘Johnson and Johnson’, spoon-feeding and beating up with cane stick at my tender buttocks when I score some marks less to the full marks!  Time will make leaves to fall down. The grief of loss will be felt only after the loss. On hearing the news of my Grandma’s death made me to think and realize that ‘oh god… you did this so early? Actually I wanted to spend at least one more day with her!’  We all preserve our love-depths to our parents deep inside our ventricle and it’s being kept to give in future ‘before the time comes’. So, I should recharge my cell-phone more and I should take more leaves to guarantee the warmth of my life through keeping me available always to my beloved ones.  

9)  9) More movies. More books. More creativity: - It’s been more than 6 months since I read a novel. I watch every Malayalam movies get released newly in the neighborhood theatres. But, I get less time to watch Hollywood movies from the laptop. ‘God father trilogy’ is a text book for me. It contributed lot to my behavior. Likewise, many more movies have made me up. When I was in school, I remember participating in continuous Quiz competitions, spending time enthusiastically on Tele-Quiz programs and Quiz books while eating and while sitting in European closet. But, now I have a serious deficiency in GK. At present, I rarely glare at news papers! I should start ‘procuring’ GK from January 1st. I like painting. During schooling, water color painting, cartoon and pencil drawing have been my favorite items. I have got many soap boxes, plates, glasses and mugs for my participations. But, now I rarely spend time on paints. I should brush it up and should resume the magnificent endeavor. Painting is a wonderful mode of communication. Certain expressions or mindsets cannot be told or written, but it can be demonstrated with color. I believe that, 'If you are MAD, put in on paper in the form of words or colors; society will admire you'! I also heard that, girls love artists.

Good life is all about eating good food (Satvik food), sleeping on time, understanding the in-built divinity, loving each other beyond limits and thinking sensibly. By December 0f 2012, I hope I will be better than of now. Better way of thinking, better appearance, better health, better wisdom, better knowledge, better value in minds of everyone and better smile. Eat, pray and love…!

I didn’t count the words. I strongly believe that there will be more than 300 words. Whether or not I get the 'complimentary prize' for this share of my blunders, I will be happy to set certain goals to my life for the first time till time.