Thursday, October 2, 2014

Clean India!

Pollution is humane and no other creature or plant is capable of dirtying the planet. It has been often heard that human beings are not the sole landlords of earth. We got the ‘kind license’ to live in here as kings by default. We made numerous organisms’ life dejected and viciously challenged the balance of Mother Nature. As generations pass by, we filch and debase immeasurable amount of natural resources on the ground of conceited opulence and egocentricity. If this trend continues, earth will be transformed to a mars soon – ironically it’s termed as ridiculous ‘mission to Mars’.  

Over last few decades, Indians have been flecked for their sense of untidiness. Stereotypes have been formed amongst western foreigners that majority of the Indians live in insalubrious slums and they do not even bother how filthy the living surrounding is. We are accustomed to pollution and badly comfortable with this societal style of living by ignoring the significance of spick and span-living. 

Wherever you are at this point of time, If you just observe your surroundings, no matter whether you’re at your bed room or at railway station or at a vegetable market or at public toilet of a bus station or at the BOH area of any famous restaurant or on the college ground or on the street near to your apartment or at your private toilet, you can find numerous examples for our sense of untidiness. We have a natural mindset to ignore and live by polluted surrounding. 

One of the major reasons for depression found in those who live in city is pollution and untidy surrounding. To respect and save nature, we should have long term vision which will only be initiated from someone with high degree of personal sense of hygiene which begins at home and then from the neighborhood. We need to build a generation who cannot sleep in a room filled with cockroaches and embellished with cobwebs, who cannot walk in a street with muddy water all around which is mixed with cigarette packets and other scraps, who will not travel in a public bus which has dirt on the floor base and dust besmeared on the seating and daggy uniform of the conductor, who will avoid using train journeys for having the sexual organs or postures illustrated on the filthy toilet wall based out of someone’s creepy carnal desire, who will not fornicate with the spouse who wouldn’t take bath twice a day, who will starve if the food make found to be unhygienic, who would refuse to accept a hand shake from poorly groomed persons, who would evade from those who smoke in public, who would never visit again to a restaurant which served food with flees flying above it, who would turn depressed seeing own higgledy-piggledy dress closet till it gets set right, who walks for a few meters in search of a dustbin to drop his chewing gum ball, who will refuse to use own bath soap until he removes own stripes of hair stuck on it and someone who keenly wish to keep own environment clinically clean. 

We need to eat vegetable free from poison, need to drink sole H2O, need to eat good food free from contamination and adulteration, need to breathe fresh oxygen flows out of green leaves of all around, need to use crystal clean utensils for daily purposes, need to see people around with simple living style and high standards of cleanliness.

India’s PM’s new initiative will motivate billions to look into this shameful social practice and to correct it on systematic basis. Let’s bring about standards in our own surroundings to make our lives more beautiful. Let’s honor and inculcate the sense of cleanliness to the fullest and start being civilized.