Tuesday, October 25, 2011

'Hare Rama!'

'I felt your presence everywhere even though my blind eyes couldn't spot you. You are in me, in him, in her and in it. You are here, there and inestimable. You can neither be seen, nor be heard, nor be smelt, nor be tasted nor be touched with any of the 5 fragile sensory organs; though I could feel you clearly but on no rationalization! I believe you are the parent of my soul. 

Atom is the microscopic unit of energy present in every movable and immovable living beings and objects. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. And, it is the one, the almighty! 

Life is believed to be started on earth as ‘nuclei-protein’ in ocean and then transmitted that spark into land. Lord Mahavishnu’s incarnation-course started as 'fish' in deep blue sea; the foremost. 'Tortoise' shows the dissemination of life from water to land. 'Boar' was the third one; the unyielding animal. 'Narasimham' shows slight successive variation happened from animal to man; half man and half animal. 'Vamanan' was a dwarf resembles primary versions in human evolution process. 'Parashuraman' was a cruel  hunter weaponry man who wouldn’t think before executing any foolish action. He chopped his own mother’s head instantly on his father’s order without going for a second thought; he depicts a wild hunter man. 'Shreeraman' was considered as the ideal man with formalities and social life. He believed in values and gave preference to family and social life. He fought against the indiscretion found in the society. 'Balaraman' is Shree Krishnan’s elder brother and is considered as one of Mahavishnu’s incarnation. He was an agricultural man with a muddy plough in hand. 'Shree Krishnan' was one with cunning nature to tackle anyone showing more signs of modern man! Charles Darwin's Evolution theorem still continues. 

God is energy and its 'BRAHMAM'; its a point at which we helplessly disconnect our thoughts failing to reach out that infinite fact! Peep into the extraterrestrial and jungle and into the trenches across ocean; you will realize the artistic base of the almighty on witnessing the inexplicable talent of the creator. Every time we disclose a scientific fact, we are realizing the impossible laws set by the ultimate super power.  

There is a chant capable of transforming one apocalyptic scoundrel into saint. Its Rama rama rama rama rama rama..! Its heavenly to recite it aloud in the damp 'Karkkidaka-rain' understanding and remembering the greatness of the omnipotent!'