Monday, July 29, 2013

The infinite!

Nature is an utmost disciplined and responsible parent who even does forfeit own life before children's mountainous necessities. It has traits of a loving mother like tolerance, sacrification, tranquility and inbuilt drive to nurture the offspring.

Most wondrous elements in nature are not 'the seen'. Instead, those are the violent potency locked within. Nature's patience is the ultimate mystery!

In broader aspect, existence of a 'mustard-sized' sphere with unimaginable vulnerability which revolves around a 'boiled ball of plasma' for countless millenniums with accurate rhythm is above any scientific reasoning and beyond our imaginary horizon. This horizon will be much familiar a mirage for every human as we have been visioning it at a hairy distance but to get lost in oblivion as there is no room for a path ahead.
Everything around us in nature are magically balanced. Every pages of encyclopedias remind us the skills of the creator. Behind every fortune we enjoy, there is a mortiferous danger hidden which remains as the most enigmatic secret; wherein all questions die unanswered.

Any minute variance likely to be occurred to nature's sequenced antique-functioning may unlock the hidden horror in nature ensuing final sabotage!

To me, every earthquake, volcano, Tsunami, drought, flood etc we have seen to date sounded like gentle reminders; the discharge of mother nature's a few drops of tear. Those 'petty' calamities never petrified me but generated nothing more than devotion to the mother nature for her tolerance.

Let's be gratified to the mother-nature for the scheduled seasons and balanced facilitation which extends to every cells with micro-perfection.

The art of creator is called science. But, manual science has no substantiation behind the inception happened even before the big-bang!

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