Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Metro Rain!

Clouds burst and massive rain pins shed on the mob like an unexpected archery attack. Chocolate colored muddy water conquered entire surroundings. Many insane vehicles with different number of wheels found racing by ripping traffic rules apart and they splashed dirty water at man's height.

I rushed into the piggy refugee crowd beneath the over bridge. Clueless ladies and violent men tried hard dodging from the 45 degree angle of stormy downpour. One senior citizen capitalised the adversity of a completely wet blonde by gluing his eye-balls at her breast-balls.

I and my accessories got drenched to the core except my cell phone which I preserved inside an isolated cover. My debit cards and pan card took their maiden bathe'.

Droplets mixed with miscellaneous dirt fell down of the pedestrian-over bridge to all of us standing down. I had to squint always while looking around to avoid the dirtiest drips to infiltrate the fence of my eye lashes.

When I caressed my fingers across my scalp, I found countless fragments of rubbish. It flew down to my face and spread across my outer and inner wears. My laptop bag too got soaked in the fall of nasty water.

Gradually an empty bus came and it stopped a few meters away. I escaped into it crossing the flooded road. When I entered into the bus with thousands of drops with me, 'IT professional look-alike' girls in the bus stared at me with sarcasm and disgust. I rose my head and inhaled deep as a winner with nothing to lose!

I asked the conductor: 'Do you have tissue papers?'

'No!' He retorted.

'At least news papers?' The tiring day continues...!

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