Saturday, April 10, 2010

"The dressed Mankind"

Humans are not animals, are they? Rather we say, human is the noblest of all animals. Do you think animals have not all the emotions that a human has? We can easily list down the focal distinctions between the two. Let us start thinking on this right from the cape of creation, i.e. straight from the vagina, both of human and animal-lady'. Infants at either side are being born with same sum of etiquettes and decorum in the bare hand. But, as day passes, the animosity in the animal kid begins to explore. Likewise, human kid is cleverly taught to hide the natural motion of mind as per the mist called culture, in which the entire humanity is been overwhelmed. The fast and better a human kid becomes skilled at hiding hisself, the fast and better he becomes the owner of a pertinent personality. Whereas, what happens in case of the outcaste-animal-kid? What all are the lessons, which human parents teach their kid, which the animal parents does not? This question can be easily labelled as preposterous. But, let's go behind the 'absurd's, rather than reasonable questions, being human beings!

Inheritance and heritage are one of the brawny aspects which make a human kid a complete human. There are more windows in human society to mingle up with, barriers too. Whereas among animals, no religions, no castes, no designations (there may be protocols I guess, at least among honey bees), no richness or poorness and no costumes! It is going to be a new study stream, if we begin to scrutinize the dissimilarities between ‘us and them/those’. The animals are the lovely co-livers of us on this earth under a common roof of O3, whose life style and mannerisms remain unnoticed! 

Animal kid lives naked. We address not the animals as ‘he’ or ‘she’, but as ‘it’, since humanity is not allowed to give respect to the dress less animals! The clever mankind made their co-livers slaves.

‘It’ faces life without any dress on the body to cover even its basic secrecy. For them, naked is the best disguise! The degree of voyeurism emerge in animals, would be surely either far up or down from ours. It sees its mom, dad, wife, husband, sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces, boy friend and girl friend and all the kith and kin with 100%freedom! Animal couples wear no dress, no matter whether they are in bed or at a public function. But, I am dubious about the stabilty and reliability of the social and blood bonds among animals. Animals aren't so social. Have you heard the heart breaking story of a 'human' king named Oedipus? Oedipus's ignorance about the identity of his true parents destined him to couple with his mother! So, among animals, we cant assume that, they use seperate private bowls to slurp the 'broth of desire'.

Apart from animals, human’s culture is poles apart, both in 'light and in dark'. Our extreme ancestors used to live the same how the animals do now! What could have been his/her first problem of having no dress? We should go back to Charles Darwin’s Evolution theorem, to trace out when the human does exactly started covering themself. Or else, if we have to recall and bottom line the moment at which we first recognized the requirement of cloth, from our childhood! The sourness of ‘shame’! Humans are not so generous to others. They need to preserve their confidentiality and it becomes a valuable facet of civilization. So, we hide it; we wrap ourself safely from the strange and familiar eyes around us. Dressing is the basic sign of culture. We gave dresses to our God as well. Moreover, dressing mode became a trait of kudos among us.

Beautiful humans, who are cleverly half naked, are said to be stylish and glamorousin the society. Such clothing are like a barbed-wire fence; serving its purpose without obstructing the view, as we heard. The importance, our society give to the dressing manner can be derived from the terms like Nail polishes, tattoos, body piercing arts, hair colors, colorful make up dusts, flavored deodorants, lip sticks, jewels (from TOP to BOTTOM) and so on!

Dressing is done here to please others! The materialism is dangerously ruling the modern world. The main objectives of the dressing system are no where now. The 'haves' want to hang about far away from the have-nots. So, the Brandism is being pampered by the group of ‘looks-concerned’. Nowadays, whatever seen adjacent to one becomes the part of his/her fashion. The belongings right from goggle, umbrella, purse, cell phone, laptop, stick to vehicle and house. I don’t know whether friends and relatives who are seen with us matter one’s fashion dignity. The wife, who persuades the husband to dye hair, might think that the dyed hair of her husband will smear color to her own personality and style!

I heard of some enlightened saints, who are born and brought up as human kids, but now live without any dress! For them, the sky is the dress; the NEWS(North, East, West and South) is the dress! A saint is someone, who practiced to conquer or over cross their feeble feelings and emotions. In general all humans are with a cumbersome of emotions, both of joy and sadness. The concept of spirituality lies between a saint and the common human. One who seems to know about him is the one who is considered as to be a saint. If you won in knowing about yourself, then you are half won the life warfare. Saints and the animals are at two poles of self recognition.

There are some tribes in the darks of African continent, who live around naked in daylight also! The apocalypto! Demosthenes is someone who had thrown his dresses away, and lived his rest of the life like a dog at the river bank! This Greek is distinguished world over as a great philosopher, who defined the unusual dimensions of usual things. But, if I/you want to throw my/your dresses away, I/you have to make myself/yourself crystal clear that, there is no need of dressings for me/you. Like the great man did!

In the world of no dress, it will be a tougher task for the animal to seduce its pair. Reasons are many. In case of humanity, it is rather easy to seduce. Examples are many. For humans, attraction always hidden in veiled areas. So, their treasure is at an easier distance. Whereas, among animals, the attraction is something like freshly ripen fruits or the shining sun. Is always seen and felt around them around the clock of no tax. Tajmahal is one of the most beautiful monuments in the world. But, for a photographer, who takes snaps of that building for years for tourists, the Tajmahal might not be an eye-catching thing. Here comes the importance of dressing. So, the things, which are needed to be covered, should be covered to keep it livingly striking. But, as Jane Austen, the English romantic novelist opined, ‘Dress is at all times a frivolous distinction, and excessive solicitude about it often destroys its own aim’!

There is nothing much to thrash out about the ‘dressnes and dresslessness’. But, we can imagine a lot, about its appealing dimensions.
Human's gaze into the dressed opposite sex, to discover the hidden 'pleasure spots', has been agreed world wide as a 'basic human instinct'. Anyways, let us enjoy the life even though with the individual forbiddance(with respect to animals), but the 'social safety' called 'dressing'! Animals do not smile. But, humans do. So have a naked smile at least, in this world of 'the dressed mankind'.


  1. Christians have the story of Adam and Eve, who were naked until they committed their first sin, gained a sense of evil and scrambled to cover themselves.
    And there are Naturists who run nudist colonies in the Western world.. It's an interesting concept, really. So much of not only our sense of pride and richness but also morality and turpitude lie in cloth. But should it? Either way, I think it's quite late too change now..

    @"So have a naked smile at least, in this world of 'the dressed mankind'." - nice line.

  2. If I could type properly, that would have said "quite late TO change now"! =]

  3. well.. :) i mentiond abt apocaliptic tribes in d darks f africa.. n abt Adam n Eve.. well.. its also a great thot :)thanx fr ur lines dr frned.. :)

  4. Well,Naked Smile is a Good idea.....

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