Monday, September 8, 2014

Shree Narayana Guru (Nanu)!

The Brahmin community withheld the rights to Vedanthas from the rest, for millenniums which in turn happened to be the key reason of unawareness amongst Hindus about own religion. Majority of Hindus are in oblivion as they fail finding apposite reasoning for their innate belief, including me. For generations, they get engrossed with superstitious thoughts and actions by default.  Thus, they crawl in obscurity without even knowing ‘what is god?’ 

‘The Guru’ was a torch held spiritual reformer who tried nullifying the aftermaths of caste system in Hinduism and the categorical monopoly of Brahmins towards Vendanta and religious affairs. He denounced the fallacies associated with the caste system. Caste system was incorporated by the mid of ‘Dwapara yuga’ and this bifurcation was made in the basis of four main stream professions which was existed in the civilization of that time. As centuries passed, caste began to be inherited rather than getting acquired by merit or attributes.  Unfortunately this separation sneaked into the spiritual facet also which caused building an indestructible barricade in the social order which made so called lower caste’s life miserable over the time. Various castes and sub-caste lead their life as per customized versions of customs and rituals correspondingly. As a result, the word ‘caste’ kept on acquiring vindictive meanings. During ancient times, non-Brahmins were prohibited to get exposed to Vedanta and Upanishads; lower castes were cast off from versatility of the societal bliss. I heard that none of the Vedas mentioned about Casteism! At the end, Swami Adisankaran was enlightened that caste system was manmade and its social definition in existence is bizarre. Swami Vivekanandan and Raja Ram Mohan Roy too tried to abolish ‘un-touchability‘ and to stamp out the weird notion about Casteism; the poisoning caused to the world's eldest religion. 

At present, for any socio religious affairs castes and communities are being considered and society is both the beneficiary and sufferer of this mechanism.

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