Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good bye 2015; never back again!

New year celebration is in line with Western culture and, in Indians this is a recent festive mindset created by electronic surroundings. However, it always fascinates me when my Dad replaces the sick and aged 'Matrubhoomi' calendar with a brand-new one on the wall of dining room!  

As the 'last sun of 2015' slowly dips down the reddish horizon, let me look aback! This may help me to analyze my performance in 2015 which would help to plan for a better 2016!


·         Oops! without major hiccups, I managed to find my soul-mate which makes this year cherished :)

·         Managed to emphasize on my profession and reach out broader avenues in terms of exposure, roles and responsibilities. Could get into a new assignment which offers indisputable work-life balance.

·         Managed to focus on painting and a bit of blogging no matter how much sense or non-sense or nuisance to others it made!

·         I was allergenic to News as chunk of it comprised of junks such as corruption, scam, vendetta, rape, celebrity affairs, advertisement Etc. But, positively I resumed my childhood habit of reading newspapers and watching Tv News.

·         Could focus on Yoga and Pranayama. Began tasting the fruits of ‘Pranayama’ as I started to sense ‘Kundalini awakening’ often; as if I feel presence of god more closer or deep within. Managed to spend a lot of time with Bhagavat Geeta and Upanishads with high degree of absorption and assimilation.

·         Could shift my accommodation to a much spacious and appealing house in Bangalore which is at a 5 minute-walkable distance from my new office; this advantage of house being closer to office helped me avoid the notorious traffic block and pollution of the city. Could kick-start the renovation of our home in Kerala which was a resultant of long term planning and expected to be completed within 1 more month.

·         In general, underwent real tough times unlike before in my life and could combat effectively with immense support from my friends! I believe in the proverb which says ‘Adversity makes men, and prosperity makes monsters’.

·         Transformed to be a guy of better health consciousness through focus on vegetarian diet especially with a lot of Salads eating in and turning my face off from non-veg.  

·         Could effectively stop flirting with girls which was began right from the day of my first ejaculation and emission of semen which happened when I was in 6th or 5th Std. Closest buddies look at this achievement as a symbol of maturity as this automatically happened without any sincere effort at my end. Sounds like somebody influenced big-time! (Disclaimer: Dear stakeholder, please note that the affair I had is not linked to any of the flirty relations!).


·         Couldn’t chase my family’s one of the biggest dreams: Myself holding a driving license!

·         Business partying has been a recent habit I have been in; however I was at my good conviction of it’s healthy turn around. I delayed my decision of saying ‘NO’ to partying till my wedding.

2016 looks challenging alike any other new year to come in or had gone over, especially in view of my wedding and professional enhancement. Beginnings are always thrilling just like we begin to sit in a new classroom in the beginning of a new educational year OR as we begin to open a cricket match as an opening batsman with sky-high hopes in pocket!

Hope you all had a wonderful 2015 and also wishing you all a Happy 2016.

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