Monday, December 7, 2015

Art of prevention!

I was wondering that, ‘what keeps me still alive’? 

‘What keeps me different from a dead body’? 

‘What motivates my organic system to function enthusiastically even without my supervision or recommendation or petition’? 

Rather I didn’t roll out any incentive or ex-Gratia bonus scheme to my heart for working relentlessly for 24/7. A mold of flesh, bones and blood of 78 Kilogram survives each seconds with a myriad of process and policies for a reason created by an unknown, driven to another unknown purpose! It’s difficult to believe that, vulnerability to any of these uncountable functions and organs of my physique at any time is negligible and too low. 

I can’t even endure an injury cum wound created by the edges of my tooth brush to the thin inner surface of my mouth-skin; people are even dare to be horrified of mouth ulcers! 

Despite of the food and drinks of sheer adulteration I consume, poisoned air I breath in ever since I was born, narcotics I live with without which I cannot live in and a shower in UV & IR I take on daily basis on my way to office, I feel confident that I can live smoother and longer; I still believe that life will move on without anticipating an unexpected visitor called ‘cancer’, who visited my neighbor or relative some months back! 

I deeply apologize if I thought on behalf of you through the sentences furnished above!

Cancer kills inch by inch and helps both the patient and relative to realize that how important and honorary a healthy body is! Cancer is a complex group of diseases with many possible causes including genetic factors; lifestyle factors such as tobacco use, diet, and physical activity; certain types of infections; and environmental exposures to different types of chemicals and radiation. Lungs and abdomen cancers are the most common types found over years. As per a not so recent study, more than 11 lakh people get diagnosed with cancer every year in India and around 5.5 lakh people die due to the disease. Healthy eating, exercise and not consuming tobacco in any form can help reduce the disease burden significantly. Most cancers can be cured if diagnosis is made at an early stage. 

Cancer treatment is too costly to be afforded by the middle class. Only the Government can augment facilities in the public sector and also come up with measures to regulate the quality and cost of treatment in private sector. In recent times, it has been reported that majority of the cancer types are being incurred due to the unhealthy life style and eating habits. It’s doable to follow Yoga, Pranayama, organic diet free from food adulteration and to refrain from all types of narcotic products as a preventive measure to keep ourselves afar from the unpredictable claws of cancer.

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