Monday, December 7, 2015

'NO' to reservation system!

Reservations based on caste and religion was introduced in Indian constitution to reinforce the sufferers of social apartheid, untouchability and feudalism. The primary aim of ‘reservation system’ was to eradicate the socioeconomic imbalance of those days through providing an extra-care to the gasping category who were underprivileged.

However, significance of reservation system is widely being questioned in the current reality of exponential socioeconomic advancements found to be happening countrywide irrespective of caste and religion. This recent trend visibly avoid a necessity of consideration towards people basis caste and religion. The bias-system has been highly mishandled and capitalized by political fronts in view of ballet box. This restricts the ‘eligible-needy’ to avail the benefits in main stream verticals, due to the disadvantage of being belong to an upper caste or to a religion of majority.

Reservation system in public sector denies the ‘right to equal opportunities’ to every Indian. This puts lacks of talented youngsters in despair. Hence, this is considered as a reprehensible facet of the world-famous secular constitution of India.

It’s a dirty fact that until and unless the scapegoats unite and bleat aloud against this age-old story of reservation and discrimination, no political front will be dare to be a ‘change agent’ for the much awaited providence of justice as they are bound to please the best interests of political organizations represent minority religions and lower-caste. The biggest challenge to be united is to have the veracious leader with right mission and vision set on path having no secondary agenda hidden.

Either reservation policy to be declared redundant or only the financial state of an individual should be considered as criterion for reservation as we can witness the poor but talented of the upper-caste or a religion of majority, suffers from this non-uniformity and found no support offered to them as they are mislabeled in the social status; but in reality their plight is miserable. Time has come to re-think and change the basis of reservation as frustration fuming in the minds of the real needy explode in the society with catastrophic consequences beyond repair.

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