Monday, October 19, 2015

Is Patriotism a misnomer?

'Patriotism' is a perspective of the narrow minded. Unfortunately the majority of global population fall into this category. In India, people were patriotic when we were oppressed under the British before 1947. There was a reason to be united and to fight British invasion wholeheartedly. But, at present 'patriotism' is a misnomer which drive people to be enemies to the outsiders. The very purpose of the patriotic emotion becomes uncalled for in this corporate era.

My inability to assimilate 'the entire perimeter of land across the globe as mine', leads to this meager mindset called patriotism. When we say India (or any nation for that matter), it really doesn't meant the landscape. But, it refers to the legacy; the people and memories. What makes us proud being an Indian is the dedication and sacrifice our ancestors shown to let our nation free from the claws of the British. Beyond all, the glorious times of ancient Hindu sages and the knowledge churning happened during those time actually remain as the base of this nation's culture.

An unstoppable fright of being vulnerable to any unknown or unexpected 'external challenge' leads people to believe in unity. If mankind were managed to live in peace and tranquility irrespective of man-made boundaries of grudge, the concept of 'nationality' could have been no more relevant than just a tool to ease and facilitate the societal life! 

Wish if a day comes, wherein human love and being possessive to whole sphere provided there are no catastrophic terrorists all around! Let’s not set our boundaries short. Our freedom, commitment and authority is not only confined to a single nation but liberated to this entire world! 

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