Friday, November 27, 2015

Intolerant India!

Though I don't follow Chethan Bhagat, found this statement to be interesting! This seems like an apt reply to the 'hot INTOLERANT topic' of the week!

Before another scam or scandal flush out this topic, let me write a few lines of my fantasy.

Yes, India is INTOLERANT with respect to umpteen facts such as high rate of corruption across all verticals, business without ethics, poor educational Infrastructure, rising rape cases, unemployment, dangerously poor food safety, pathetic quality of products and services across verticals, environmental problems, economic crisis, over-population, high rate of poverty, gender imbalance, poor infra structure, democratic pitfalls called cast/ religious discrimination/ concession & lack of good intentions in majority of bureaucrats and politicians.

Spirituality is originated in India before uncountable number of centuries and India is the land of culture woven by ancient Rishis. This land was a ripened fresh fruit with it's bottomless scientific heritage and culture which in turn turning out to be a rotten spoiled fruit due to aforesaid realities and the list is infinite. Actually there are not so many reasons at present to be proud being a citizen of this incredible country; very few intact!

I'm a spiritual being and I believe that the spirituality I'm familiar with is purely secular! I cannot consider other religious followers as outcast; the moment I had to consider so, my belief in my god as sole parent of whole world will no longer be meaningful!

'Hinduism' is a liberal perception which can lead one being to ultimate awareness about life and own existence and it's not a name of wrestling club or group. Vedas, Upanishads and Bhagavatgeeta teach people to find the presence of divinity in self and other persons and particles irrespective of any genre. These books are applicable to entire humanity without being confined to the so-called Hindus. Tolerating external adversities is the nature of Hinduism and hope Non-Hindus would respect this even if they have dissimilar angle to reach out to the supreme energy.

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