Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dog's own country!

I was striding back home after having supper with my roommate (Ayyappan) tonight. 3 stray dogs found ferociously running toward us barking and tend to attack without any provocation! 2 dogs rushed toward Ayyappan but he dodged as a reflexive action upon deep fright. I rarely lose temper and this time I did. If any human try attacking my friend also I would lose temper as conciliation is always secondary during these situations. I found out the toughest and concrete stone aside and fiercely pelted at those chaotic dogs. They ran weird by yelling aloud. 

These stray dogs challenge peace of society in the night and question public safety. As a secondary nuisance, many lose sleep due to the distressing barking blare from streets of residential areas. If stray dogs were harmless, nobody could have wasted energy to raise voice to eradicate these co-inhabitants of humans. People kill mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, rats and other wide variety of pests and insects at home and farm. Human species try eliminating dangerous viruses with a valid reason. Every creature has right to live but not by causing others bleed. If then, natural rule of 'survival of the fittest' will come into effect! Hence, the burgeoning stray dog population to be stopped as they danger another's life; for that matter any human criminals who endanger another living being's life also to be strictly penalized. 

I too an animal lover as I'm an ardent follower of Animal planet channel on Television. I love and respect animals beyond limits. But, I am not so rich enough to avoid situations of confronting violent stray dogs on my daily routine. My heart is not too broad enough to show kindness towards the majority of these ruthless dogs who put common man's life at risk as I care for innocent victims who unwittingly got punished due to this alarming menace. To strike a balance between dog bite victims and animal lovers, the Government is now working on a multi-pronged strategy to tackle the menace which include selective culling, sterilization of stray dogs, rehabilitation and birth control measures for dogs. Ashamed to witness immature and impracticable suggestions from some of the so called democratic idols!

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