Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Incredible India!


One of my colleagues told me: 'I happened to see a crying baby who looked as if he is at his 'fours or fives'. He was rambling bare footed under the scorching sun, across a risky and unsafe surface on the grubby street seeking his parent’s kind attention who work with his hostile colleagues beside to erect a concrete building. The kid was a vivid symbol of an underprivileged Indian child. Upon thinking of the vulnerability of this child, out of sympathy the mother in me shed a piece of empathy which caused me to think of my own baby who is waiting for me returning from the office to home'.

A nation’s glory lies in the combined gist of its 3 tenses. India's rich heritage may not exactly communicate that how filthy the face of real India is indeed at present! The current pose of the country can be seen on the GDP figure but reality can be fondled when we go out for a ride and confront the vast swathe of the population whose condition has not amended in multi-generations. Indian citizen are discriminated basis gender, caste, religion Etc. To add on over-population, poverty, lack of primary education, lack of self-awareness, child labor and unhealthy surroundings have also been major defies to the millions of men-alike creatures around us. They endure the nastiest conditions at each moment of their lives which cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. For instance, an Indian child is more likely to be malnourished, molested, have inadequate sanitation, not attend school and remain illiterate than is a child from Somalia or any other global region

Perhaps the most deprived group in India are the millions of street children who live or work on the street. ‘Stray children’ have fallen through society’s fissures and hardly find ladders for them to climb back up. They live as their parents did and as their own children are likely to do. Children live and work on the street because their parents are underprivileged, or parents follow cruel parenting practices, or they are orphans, or they have run away from home, often to escape abuse. They are invariably malnourished, receive scant education or medical treatment, and are involved in child labour from an early age. Child prostitution and sexual abuse are also remain unchanged for ages, as is addiction to drugs. 

These children live in a different world to the emerging middle class. Taken as a separate nation, they represent one of the neediest peoples on the planet. For the elite class, these people’s life continue to remain as a topic for a realistic documentary to be seen on Nat Geo along with a sip of hot coffee; or to enjoy during an evening ride from the chilled chamber of the car.

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