Sunday, March 13, 2016

Challenging Honeymoon!

Honeymoon trip to Switzerland is considered to be the highest accomplishment of a newlywed couple of these times (Kaliyuga). Nowadays, people keep opting destinations like Singapore, Malasia, Mauritius Etc. A Facebook update indicating a far off honeymoon trip is an indispensable insignia for a flamboyant couple who would like to believe or announce aloud that they belong to the ‘Elite class’.

Such a kind of honeymoon is inevitable alike a bride gets herself sunk in golden ornaments at the wedding function as a symbol of affluence and nobility of her family even though we mutely agree that one’s ostentatiousness cause for anothers' despair. We all contribute to promote ‘rat race’ in this society either being an enthused racer or an applauder. 

The scope of luxury at each point of life gets discovered, recognized and established as days go on. Corporate players help improving the application of money. Far beyond a gentle factor of an inner urge to visit and see a far off destination accompanying the better part, society take it as a challenge to mollify self-esteem to overcome high ego-competition which prevails in this cut-throat lifestyle-market. Human’s desirous mind gets unleashed and looking out for new meadows to enrich own pride. Financial capacity of a person is considered to be the summation of his ability. Possession of material asset gauge the success of an individual. Epicurean generation who are highly inclined towards sophisticated worldly life and flaunt upon ‘all possible elements’ which can be purchased and then showcased. Majority of the people urge to uplift their life-standards from the poor in pursuit of defining so-called success. 

People find glory in sensational external affairs and assets unlike olden times who respected and regarded knowledge and internal bliss.

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