Sunday, April 29, 2012

'Spiritually challenged!'

‘Life gets piled up with junk assignments. If you invest a little time on thinking at which you are most bothered about and constantly smolder your head on your day to day life, you would discover the fact that you are trying to catch water bubbles and preserve them’.

‘Social imbalances based on worldly assets, spreads an erroneous communication amongst majority of the mankind which pushes every living beings to rat race behind mirages in this vast oasis. Applications of money have exponentially risen over past two decades. More money brings in more pleasure to 5 sensory organs. Globalization made people wealthy but it did set a wrong mindset amongst all that self-actualization is directly proportional to the fiscal asset we possess’.

‘Luxury became an inevitable factor of everyone’s life. We can hardly find around an object or action which doesn’t have a financial implication. Every stare we receive from the 360 degree angle have flair of business. Humane emotions are replaced with debits and credits’.

‘Even If you are happy at yourself, world around you will never leave you until and unless you fulfill their expectations hitting their benchmarks. Comparisons make people’s life miserable and which tends to upgrade own life situations to compete with the neighbor without realizing that it’s a degradation intact. So, the only way to get rid of these worldly infections is to dedicate ourselves at the almighty!’

‘….that’s all for the day and thank you all for your kind response to my online spiritual counseling website. I also would like to remind once again about the spiritual camp to be held at Hotel Taj Vivanta on 24th April. For quick booking and advance payment, please log in to the website’. See you all tomorrow; stay blessed; stay tuned. Till then... Bye...’ Swamiji signed off for the day and came out of the chilled channel studio room.    

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