Friday, June 15, 2012


This is 'just now happened' and nothing is great about it. But, i SIMPLY thought of sharing!

I got a call from an unknown number. It was a girl at the other end. As soon as I told, ‘Ambareesh here, your good name please?’ she told me, ‘one second sir.. one second..’ and she handed over/ transferred the call to a boy. 
‘Sir, I have gone through your job advertisement and I’m looking for a job now. Any vacancies there?’
I suspiciously asked, ‘Yes we do have openings. By the way, what’s your age and education?’
‘Sir, I’m currently running at 57!’ 

The sudden change of a 'boy in to an old man' made me curious. 

I told, ‘sorry, actually for this particular designation, we are having an age limit and it ends up at 27! Anyways, thanks for calling.’ And, I suddenly hung up. 
My conversation with ‘uncle’ made my colleagues around me droll and into a decent laughter. 
After a while I again got a call from the same ‘unknown’ number. Uncle asked me, ‘Sir, I have a son and he is below 27. Shall I send him for interview on tomorrow?’ I smelt the anxiety in that father’s voice.
I asked him, ‘that’s a much better option. By the way, what’s your son’s age now?’
‘Sir, my son is at 16 years. And, he will work hard for your esteemed organization.’ Father became conversant about his premium product. 
I told, ‘Your baby is minor. Send him for the interview after 2 years.’ I slowly hung up.

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