Friday, February 11, 2011

"WE don't have the right to be sad and yell to god unwantedly!"

Some days back, when I cross road, I saw a guy who was at his twenties. He was not as fair as me; he was pimpled, scars across the body lavishly, uncontrollably grown hair, skinny physique! He was lying aside on the pavement in the scorching sunlight along with an entourage of mischievous flies. Noticeably, there was a SPACE in place of the LEGS! He was cheering at me, in expectation of some coins. I passed him without searching my wallet to find UNWANTED pennies! I headed toward the fruit seller nearby, grabbed a wrap of fruit salad. I returned to the STATIC-human and shown the packet in front of his face. He leaned forward, grabbed it and without a second-thought he started to gobble it hurriedly! When I move away, my eyes were watery; I hope his too!

So….. What??? Hmm? Nothing... Eh?

Starvation, joblessness, solitude, sickness, negligence from the closest ...Etc... These are kinda 'must-felts' in life.. BUT, its gonna be a beautiful face of life, after being ridden hell out of the same! So, forget not to enjoy even the sorrowful pages of your life. Own-tear tastes good when recollected after a long while!


  1. Is this picture taken by you? The picture describes it all what you have written. Beautiful truth of life.

  2. Fortunately, i wasn't the fotografer!
    n thank u soo much fr being kind enuf 2 understand my feel..

  3. great post....even the title can convey many things..

  4. Yeaa.... Sruthii.... am hapy to knw that someone understud wat i tried 2 portray in its ful meaning... ;)

  5. i neva knew dat.. eve u can research sme hrt touching things lik dis. grt yar.....:)

  6. heart rendering......
    really touching...
    you did a great job!!!