Friday, November 5, 2010

“Ohhh, today is Deepavali, huh? :-/ ”

'Happy Deepavali' to the humanity; that’s all I can do on this magnificent date! I am in Banglore at this instant. In urge to form a platform to my verve. Thus, this time my Deepavali is in Banglore without my family, without more friends around! In Kerala, Deepavali celebration is only on television and in temples; I have been experiencing it in the same manner over the years. No more fest of lights and no more feasts with furious sounds!

Deepavali is celebrated in memory of Devi’s ‘righteous kill of Narakasuran’! The nighttime will be embellished with incandescent lights; in ambience of devotion and fidelity. Gifts and sweet dishes are being shared among all kith and kin in exchange of bliss.

My 'Miss Y' went along with her roommate to her home in Andhra to celebrate a Deepavali for the first time in her life! She assured that she will be back with packs of special sweets in bag from her home for me.

I hate fire-crackers. The roguish noise propagates from the blasts seldom created joy in me! The pollutant smoke out of gusts is irksome. No matter whether it's Deepavali or Vishu; it is just a 'waste of money' in my angle. It obstructs me from involving in my pass-of-time activities and hobbies. My room mate is also from Kerala. He too frowns at these wicked crackers, since we have been losing our slumber because of the destructive mode of pleasure performance. The sadist in me prayed and wished deeply, ‘Rain, rain come again… Fall over these sound-celebrations!’

When stepped out of my room to a ‘thattukada’ to have my fasting break along with roommate, met with so many panic blasts. It was bedlam everywhere. Many brats and brood found mischievous and deadly-dangerous with crackers, sparklers, squibs and match boxes in hand. They delighted at each and every blast. Street dogs were bolting hastily across the streets and barkig in a fit of pique as if their sharp ears had been devoured from the bally stupid fireworks. I took so many snaps of those realty life-shows in front, though I adore in to the varieties of life spectrum. The rich, medium and the poor families found carrying out the warmth of the fest with different volume of crackers, confectioneries and passion. Karnatic women, both inside and outside the houses looked gorgeous in their newly stitched exclusive costumes!

After a light morning-intake of Dosa and sambar along with a cherry milk-shake, I strode off into a men’s saloon. My mom spoke to me in morning on the cell, when I was in a pose being fixed my buttocks in the barber’s chair. She mumbled, ‘Happy Deepavali daa....’ She sounded sound at the other end, even in the echoic saloon cabin with scissor’s persistent kisses over my hair.

I returned to my room and opened the ‘windows’ into my friends, and then thought to share my solitary thoughts about this blissful but boring day! There was only my roommate to hear me, when the entire nation celebrates!
I may spend the day idle after a late bathe', may be with some simple garnishes like an English movie, a lunch and dinner at any ‘smell-full’ restaurant and then broken sleeps! I may dial to some of my buddies, not especially to greet or share Deepavali thoughts, but… :)

BUT, what happened at the end of the lonely day? I was unexpectedly invited to my room mate's sister's house situated in neighbourhood to celebrate the beams of lights together. I had belly-full of sweets, ear-full of sound and feasts and this molded the first Deepavali celebration in my life! It was memorable, morover unforgetable! I did, what i do not wish to! So, still i can hear a course of intense tune inside my ear holes, "keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........" :(

Anyways, this time, it was literally a HAPPY DEEPAVALI for me! Thanks to the lights and sounds and sweets, also to my room mate's sister and family :)