Sunday, July 11, 2010

' f O o T w O r L d '

‘Italians are the world champions of football’ became rubbish now. The Spanish men proved that they are not a group of pregnant ladies, but a group of bouncing soldiers. Paul, the star octopus proved that, 'no need of learning astrology to predict the future'. The cup rested in the safe hands of a goal keeper named Casillas, the skipper of the ‘bullish crew’. No girls could have ever got as much kisses as the golden cup did in the night of the final football world cup match. Andres Iniesta’s final goal was the 'goal' dreamt of by all football playing countries for the last four years. The festival of the world came into a halt after a glorious course of football feast. It’s the time for cheerio to the Jabulani and the Vuvuzale. The sun did set below the horizon of the 'rainbow nation' after a 'long' while of 'short' one month.

This final match gifted a sorrowful red card to the breath holding excitements and chaos in the minds of ball lovers. I put off the television and went to bed to put off myself. I was miserable of losing something! This wasn’t sad like when I heard, ‘please forget and forgive me dear’ from my girl friend. But, the sadness we feel in the last moments when a beautiful movie is getting to an end or when your dad is going back to work abroad after a vacation was of the same flavor. 

I was not 'born' with a ball entangled with my foot; but surely I was 'brought up' with one! My house was famous, because it was aside to a famous football ground. So, football wasn’t only a ‘time-pass’ for me. I love it even though it caused me a severe leg knee injury which seized years from my life! I had fallen down a number of times from my bed from the foully tackles committed by the defenders of the other team in dreams in nights!

My hobbies were reading, writing, watching Hollywood movies and loitering around my village with friends. But, for the last one month I lived ‘hobbyless’. I took day nap to preserve liveliness throughout the night of soccer explosions. I changed my dining schedules due to football. I avoided doing yoga. I ignored my dieting and physical maintenances. Dark circles set forth to appear under my eyes due to the lack of proper snooze.

My friends invite me to the local football club building to watch the matches in front of the giant screen. If there is no rain, I used to go to the club. It gives a feel of watching the match at stadium. Age was not a barrier in my place to go to club and watch match. There would be tight muzzled youngsters as well as skinny old men with soda spectacles in the front of the big screen to enjoy and cherish with the people with same spirit. Even those old too were well aware of each and every player’s name and club history!

Most of the guys at club were not only just football 'lovers', but each of them behaved like the ‘husband of football’! Crackers were used to use both at the victory of ‘our team’ and defeat of ‘their team’. Argentine fans treated the Brazilian fans like Pakistanis! They often fight with savage words and with arms and 'foot' at last. After every match we used to conduct a 'sound' midnight march to celebrate the victories of the favorite team. Many home makers complained that they continuously lose their slumber because of these ‘nonsense nuisances’! But, It is the magical power of football. Is there any other organization on this planet which integrates peoples with strong bond like FIFA does? Is there any? When the FIFA requested the world humanity to 'say no to Racism', it underlined that football is beyond every blockade.

If it rained heavily, I won't be into the club, but will lay on my couch and watch the match at my house. Chocolate, banana chips, fruits or bread toast and butter would be there to accompany with. I enjoyed the cheerful plays of Messi, Sneijder, Villa, Forlan, Lahm and Muller. I felt so sorry to the Germans for not being found with the golden cup for the last photo pose. And, I missed the great conjuror of football, Zinadine Zidane! The nights were brighter. I slept at late night till I become alone at home after the departure of my dad and mom to offices. I avoided having breakfasts and had 'brunches' instead.

I was/am a bachelor with no job. If some one asked me, “What are you doing now?”
Then, my reply was, “nothing… I just... I just finished my course and now simply sitting at home.” I was sitting, laying and sleeping at home.

“Why don’t you try for any jobs?” the second question comes like this.
And, my greatest excuse for this infuriating as well as ‘rubbish’ question was, “Sorry, I am just waiting to get over this football world cup. I will be into work soon after the final match.”
I think this answer will be the answer of many one who loves their home so much, more than going out and doing a job. So, the last refuge for my laziness was football world cup! But, my love is true.

Everything is over. No more bets, no more hot discussions on ‘today’s match’, no more money collection for the flex boards and crackers, no more half shaving of mustache or hair and no more...!

The Indians are 'light years' away from world cup finals. India may have abundance of resources. We may have many Ozils and Mullers. But, They play on muddy paddy field and remain unnoticed, unrecognized and unauthorized, like an artist with no paint, brush and paper in hand! The football development system in India is worthless and aimless! 
The pop singer Shakira made billions of dollars even if she doesn’t know the ABC’s of football. But, her song had been a waving energy across the world population. Shakira-effect also attracted plenty of music lovers and ladies to the world of football.

The World cup is in bed now in Madrid, lying down with the Euro cup. "Let’s wish them 'sweet dreams' and flip the next page of our life… Lets see and savor whether it will be boring or interesting…"


  1. The final was cynical...
    A rush of yellow cards...
    and only passes...
    But ecstatic that Spain got it...

  2. first time visited your blog so stopped to say ''hello'':-)

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