Sunday, February 8, 2009

“Impact of TV Advertisements on Kid’s selecting attitude of confectioneries”.

The key aspire of any advertisement is to capture the attention of public at once. So, an advertisement should be so striking, heart-touching and indisputable enough, to persuade and canvass the maximum number of consumers. The degree of any product’s success may have a direct relationship with the effectiveness of its advertisement. Some companies, those who launch spanning course of advertisement, usually found maintaining a position at the top of any particular product category to which it belongs. Therefore, the digestibility of any advertisement on the different group of costumers would result in a constructive nuance of the company’s reputatioThe style and outline of any advertisement may vary according to the group of costumers to whom the particular product is been projected. For instance, the specific advertisement module to be applicable to the adults may never be adequate to the teenager group. Age level, Literacy, Lifestyle, Culture-custom environment and Profession are some of the main barriers, which demands variety and special effect in advertisement.

It can be clearly exemplified through various advertisements created by some of the renowned Producers like Cadbury, Raymond, Mentos (Animated Ad.), Lays, Axe, Bajaj Alliance (‘Ghajini’ film model) and further more. While we watch out these ritual artistic advertisements, unconsciously we tend to involve in that and the advertisement thefts our attention! Here lies the excellence and adequacy of an effective advertisement.

In case of Cadbury, they ought to penetrate in to a kid’s vulnerable mind. As they succeeded to make an attractive work, it surely resulted in forcing kids to switch on to Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates. The winning bid of this clear-cut advertisement points out a bunch of other interesting facts regarding the “Impact of TV Advertisement on Kids”. It depends upon; up to what extends the advertisement is capable of entering into the fantasy field of a child. The advertisements should be directed or created by having a clear notion regarding the lively surroundings of the children. So, that kind of attracting advertisements perhaps should sustain and stimulate the basic costumer-behavior in a kid. The efficiency of an advertisement attracts the group of kids, as like as a Block buster movie does! And it will act as a propellant force, which will desirably cause in improving the publicity among the kids as well as hike in the over all sales status. So, in contrast, among the broad group of costumers, children quiet really get influenced by the clever TV advertisements. It really impact and even throw temptation towards the feeble minded group of kids.

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