Friday, February 6, 2009


At last the crucial situation arrived, the adequate time to think about a clean sabotage over Global terrorism. None of an Indian can close eyes towards the terror rages happened nowadays in Mumbai. Their attack wounded the spirit of entire Indian community. India always used to accept the varieties of world culture and religion. We found an integrity and belongingness, in diversity of cultures and traditions which is been welcomed from all over the world. India kept their corridors unlocked to welcome cultural multiplicity. We anticipated the mutual coherence and accord in living together. To an utmost extend we developed that sequence too. But, there were a few, who wanted to disturb the alliance completely. It is always an easy task to generate a communal violence after the religious beliefs! So, those who are in envious mindset in front of our nation could have sowed this poisonous seed to the land of national integration. Their aim is to make Indians misinterpritted as the terror assaults are being born in the uterus of communal misconceptions, in between the Hindus and the Muslim.

So we cannot finalize that, there is an apparent bond between the terrorism and any of the religious faction. So, our battle against the terrorism should not be the combat against any particular religion. Terrorism cannot be justified on the ground of "Jihad" or struggle for sovereignty; no religion sanctions terrorism. Therefore,a campaign against it cannot be a campaign against any religion. Indian Government should be extra conscious to assimilate the inch difference between these two. The terrorism was an evergreen threat to the humanity from the extreme earlier itself. They tried to buildtheir own world. For that, they put arm together. They constructed the unwanted barriers among us, using the 'holy weapon' termed as religion. They twisted religion as a sword, which is capable of emitting bloodsheds all over. Simultaneously, the entire mankind failed to make out the hidden fact under this too! This mis believe captivated and attracted huge amount of 'ignorant youngsters' to terrorism. Thus, religion became a perilous key factor of dividing the world into pieces.

Today, they came to play on 'Taj' hotel; perhaps they come to destroy our heartening monument 'Tajmahal' itself in future! So, if we really need to stop continuing the homicide, should take some harsh decision against the terrorism without any malleable angle orforgiveness. According to the basic investigation, it is traced out that, the younger terrorists infiltrated to 'the gate way' through marine route. And, they managed to receive and obey the 'on the work'guidance and suggestions from Pakistan. But, only that cannot be indicated as a pre curser to the Muslim terrorism. So it would be a rubbish move if our Government thinks to attack over whole Pakistanis together of to launch a full scale war followed by this assumption.

Being, the terrors were well trained and planned, our coast guard force also failed to detect the danger. Then, the terrorists may have sought help from the locals also. But, yet to be confirmed those illusions. Around 190 were so pathetically assassinated and around 280 were seriously injured. They mainly targeted foreigners. But, there were no 'Hindu foreigner'! Still they claimed a hunt on them. "Why?"Sometimes, they might have thought of cutting our foreign relationships and to harm our Foreign policies. Through terrorism, our envies strived so cruelly to melt down our tourism revenue as well as the financial bolster and beneficiaries from abroad. Due to this mostaudacious and terrible assault, We may suffer to harvest income,through tourism just for a while. But, we can hope that, it can be summoned up soon.

Unfortunately, we witnessed to consecutive course of bomb blasts across our nation, during the tenure of UPA Government. Among those hindrances, what ever happened in Mumbai is considered so as to be the most disparaging in result. Followed by this terror assail, as the aftermath, Mr. Sivraj Patil resigned from the esteemed seat of Union Home Minister, by owning moral responsibility of the terror game. And, the well talented parliamentarian Mr. P Chidambaram appointed as the fresh Home minister. So, all attention goes to the new Home minister. The whole 1.1 millions of people holds a plenty amount of expectations upon him. Let us confidently anticipate that he will not disappoint us all.

Surely, UPA Government itself should bear the onus of this hurt caused to our country. But, all other major political parties also should sustain the positive actions rising from the ruling side,rather than annoying to capitalize this crucial and decisive situation of our nation. All the politicians should move in an optimistic manner, despite of being diverging fully. If we strictly want get through smoothly, then all political leaders should assemble around a common round table and thereafter an unanimous and suitable decision against the 'world killers' should be taken. The leftist Communistparties should learn to accept the way, by which the US combat against World terrorism. At least in this issue, the whole population requests to follow the American model. It would be better to recall the fact that, the terrorists did not afford to repeat "September 11th" oncemore! All the political factions should forget about the possibility of 'vote bank' and should forget about the forth coming election also. Then only a combined solution will be occurred soon. Unless, India's face towards the terrorism will be remain smiling for ever.

Any way, we cannot tolerate one more terror pester like this. So we should be more vigilant enough to predict it and to immune effectively. Our Government has to re check the Constitution sections regarding Terror acts. And, they have to take necessary steps to tighten it. While renewing it, our leaders should never forget the haughty faces of the bold Commandoes and the Police officers, those who have tried their extreme to rescue our mother land, by sacrificing their life! We should never show any mercy upon the terrors. The Government should also try to re plant the POTA through its re-enactment, which is always capable of frightening and handling the terrors so efficiently. And, we should also set a special federal investigating agency to trap terrors. Allotting small NSG commandoes in each and states are also considerable. More than all, our coastal security to be tighten up to inseparable module, to avoid the vulnerable condition of our shore. But, The United Nation's Organization proclaimed to all the republics that, not to kill the terrors, but to imprison them! Before obeying the UNO, we should think twice or thrice. So, with extreme piece of understanding and planning, we can afford to terminate the terrorism at least from our own homeland.

Recently the world economy itself faces a rigorous financial crisis. It is commonly described as a major depressioncaused to the fiscal community after the great depression in 1929.But, luckily being a developing and flourishing economy, India's financial future is been forecasted as supreme. So, our financial experts and business communities are striving smartly to attain that dream zenith. It is a great opportunity in terms of financial environ. But, a slight pull back may affect the rapid gallop of our 'shiningIndia' fully. So, where we have to be utmost conscious is, in notallowing the draw backs of this particular terror attack and itsremedial actions, with the promising financial leaps. There should bea clear difference between these two. Both should not confront, if ithappened so, will spoil both the destinations. But, now the Terrorism itself should be our focal foe.

Even after understanding well the difference in between the terrorism and religion's impact, we should endeavor to maintain a communal as well as religious accord and harmony around us. Ourcollective and sincere effort should be to decrease the detachment from one religion to another. We should not give more importance to the 'name' of our religion and to the 'name' of our god. But, through believing in different religion we should try together to reach in the exact devotion. Act of finding the presence of god in each and every creature it self is the actual corridor to the god. Religion is noting else but love to god through, love to men. Whenever we come to know that, all the Hindus, Muslims, Christians and even far more are created by a common 'single brain'… there ends all the conflicts, egotisms and all other misconceptions. A Hindu should be clever enough to think that, if there is only Hindu gods, then 'who created the people from other religion?' All others too think so, in a parallel manner. Then, is there any religion for the animals? So, it is very important to inculcate the real aspire and luminosity of the religion.No god preached to hate one another, but advised even to love ourenemies…

So, being the furthermost religious integral centre, our Government should consider each and every religion equally. No exceptional considerations should be given on the basis of religion or caste. Our literacy should be in the sense of treating all the religions as same.Our warfare against terrorism should be to end the encumbrance; it should not be to start of a new calamity. We all should offer oursincere support to the society to terminate the dangerous issue. We can pray for the brave martyrs, those who died for us, died for the security of our nation. Now we all will thank them and will pray for their souls. But, we should never ever forget them… Hemang Karkare,Sandeep Unnikrishnan, Kamte, Safaskar and a few more real stars. They should remain in our entire mind as an eternal burning lamp. The enormous flame they lighted could never be blown any how. Now it isour duty to resume the same. For that great purpose, we can gather together, we can grip our tricolor flag together and can dedicate ourself, can contribute from our side and can play down our role with ardent devotion. And let's hope no "BOMBay" would be repeated!

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