Sunday, June 14, 2015

'Executive - Beggar!'

I was one among those who honked aloud with deep agony for being stuck in a traffic knot on my return to home after duty. As time creeps I happened to see one young and promising beggar who searches for mercy from the whole lot of frustrated bikers and drivers in the traffic. He came towards me too.

He was carefully shabby in looks with a desirable attire of an average Indian beggar. When I saw him, I asked him about his whereabouts and educational qualification. As he couldn't follow my English, I spoke in possible minced Kannada and understood that he was a ranaway chap post finishing his 10th STD from Karwar district as his father married another lady in continuation to the demise of his primary resource.

The content of 'Corporate Social Responsibility' in my blood made me to take out my weapon, the business card and extended my kind hand of help to him. He asked about the salary components and nature of work. When I fed him with the variable and invariable components of our CTC structure with overwhelming pride and authority, his blushing face got shrunk and retorted that 'I make this amount in 3 days and I work whenever I need'. The self-made man walked off by returning my business card to me. I too resumed my ride as the green signal light blinked.

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