Wednesday, March 4, 2015

When it rains..!

When it rains after a protracted summer, love fallen water droplets romance with starved and greedy soil resulting in emanation of an unearthly but earthy aroma. This aromatic incitement induced her natural instincts to gel with and stick to her illusive better-part of opposite gender. 

She’s a bit edgy being biologically ‘single’, as she may have to surmount one more Monsoon without having an own man to lean on to, to lie down with and to fuss over, to dig the scent of love out of her.

She inhaled the tasty earthen air and remained listening to the irregular thunderbolts which kept on challenging the blackness of the pouring night. Every living beings are eligible for the symphonic lullaby composed by the band called 'rainstorm'. 

Her unconscious mind supplemented evil thoughts to fuel her ignited desires and tweaked her in to a fantasy of her favorite dreams. Her oblivious body posture at ease on the spongy bed resembled her default posture at her mother’s womb during her inception. 

No manually woven worries dared to infiltrate in to her slumber-furnace to distract it's decorum. 

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