Thursday, May 9, 2013

It happened in Hindusthan!

The afore-illustrated is a notorious rape-attempt scene from Mahabharata; which reminds us that since ages woman’s respect, privacy and dignity have never been safe unless there is someone along with to save it.
We live in a society in which the majority believes that ethics is idiocy and thus its better lead our life driven by personal tastes and not the obsolete societal norms or not as per ethical guidelines. Quiet a good amount of Metro ladies select costumes which enable show-casing their anatomical lustre in such a manner to arouse the opposite sex who walk toward or look at. And, what if any of the opposite sex turns out to be an animal at times? Rapists who are minority in the society puts the goodwill of the rest of entire gentlemen at stake like a drop of citric acid in a barrel of milk! Every son shall lose own face before own mother; alike of brother before own sister, of husband before wife and of fiancé before fiancé’ on ground of this cold-blooded masculine initiative! 

The Delhi gangrape and the pathetic demise thereafter of the victim is not the first thing happened around us. Rape news has been turning out to be boring news as a result of daily repetition. But, why do still the rape serials continue starring even politicians, soldiers, police men, teachers, fathers..Etc.. in addition to the savage gangs on streets? I could recollect instances of many kids, immature ladies and tourist women who are being assaulted. As per latest media study, a lady is being molested in every 40 minutes in India. But, unfortunately or fortunately, the Delhi gangrape victim was not a Below Poverty Line lady and the gang of culprits was not belonging to the upper cream crust of the society. Otherwise, this rape murder could have remained at the maximum as 'just another interesting daily news' on local evening yellow news papers! Thus, having considered the seriousness of the issue, the gangrape and vicious murder in the moving bus in the capital has sparked country-wide outrage and a strong string of protests across the country.

As an aftermath of the Delhi gangrape murder, strong judicial reinforcement has to be carried out to safeguard the freedom of our ladies. It should protect the ladies who are at the top as well as at the bottom layer of society. It should castigate the rich or middle-classed or poor male rapists by the same token. Remember, judiciary shall not have any discrimination amongst a young degree student or middle aged lecturer or unmarried software engineer or pure nun or aged street orange seller or street-whore or luxury-whore; same law for different types of people who are categorized in general as 'female'.  
Whenever we discuss about various dimensions of women's life, prostitution appears as a black hole. Prostitution shows the nature of a society we live in; we shall raise voice against prostitution and not against prostitutes. No societal system can be sustained without public pampering; and at this juncture system is the culprit and not the persons. Because, behind every successful whore, there is a group of womanizers whose faces probably remain hidden. But, luxury-whore is selling herself neither for food nor shelter though street-prostitution also cannot be justified on ground of any so-called fate. 

Indian judiciary has got so many loop holes and its own pros and cons. At times, justice appears to be miles afar to the most deserved and on contrary it also seems to be in hand for the undeserved. A gentleman's daily life shouldn't fail before a 'mischievous lady' at any public place. The legal armor to be made for protecting our ladies followed by the gangrape-murder shouldn't substantiate any misbehavior from a woman and to accuse the male opponent who is innocent at any specific situation. 

So, any fresh legal clause to be compiled to embark upon this societal brutality shouldn't be vulnerable enough to get exploited by anyone as an easy weapon for any political or personal vengeance against the male-enemy at the other end!  

We cannot dream about an era in which an Indian woman walks alone in bikini with no fear on an empty pavement situated at a dirty dark corner of any cities in India. But, we should at least bring about an environment which ensures freedom and safety to every woman at any point of time of a day. Let this ‘piece of shame’ erupted in Delhi be a precursor to a positive change to be occurred in our system.  

As 'Manusmruthi' says, the society that provides respect and dignity to women flourishes with nobility and prosperity. And a society that does not put women on such a high pedestal has to face miseries and failures regardless of how so much noble deeds they perform otherwise.  So, It is duty of father, husband and son to protect her!


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