Sunday, April 24, 2011


'Kasaragod' is my own district. It was an unknown corner of Kerala. But,  now it has become a famous (NOTORIOUS infact) place. So, people from across the globe will easily recognize this place-name. The credit goes to the 'Endosulfan', the pest-icide or human-icide or a synonym of  'hom-icide'. Fortunately my house was not beneath the poisonous-helicopter-rain. So, my family still live good with proper physique and brain!

The 70% of the world-Endosuulfan-production is happening in India. Endosulfan is banned in 17 countries and it has been severely restricted in another 22 countries! But, Honorable spoke-persons of Indian Govt. say that, "we don't have enough reasons(proofs) to ban it in entire India, since there is no low-cost alternative-products for Endosulfan to use on cultivation and moreover it harmfully affected ONLY a very small region of this large country! It's not a problem of Endosulfan but the problem of the usage-manner in the affected zone!"

Here is the filthy face of the concerned Indian political leaders! There is no wonder, if the family-members of Endosulfan-victims got attracted to the Terrorism  to revenge on this 'inhumane-government move'. I might support 'em. BECAUSE, nothing can stop the responsible social-servers from conspiring to splash down the Endosulfan over the helms of honorable democratic leaders, who denied the most-needed ban! If Gandhiji was alive, he could have went  back to the UK to welcome the British back to India. Because, on the ground of this particular issue,
the leaders like Sharat Powar and Jayaram Prakash have become the 'cancer of the people by the people for the people'!

These wanton-leaders are like 'father who do not  bother to provide medicine for the son creeping into death!' It will be a huge defeat of the Democracy, if still there is no end to Endosulfan. Study about the Endosulfan-tragedy affected-areas continues for last 10 years + ... etc... ! 

For both the 'left and right' of Kerala, this 'God's own issue' may be another golden chance to capitalize for the political-gains; an apt platform to criticize the opposition!  


  1. Very apt one.. hits the bulls eye,, the sad part is our govt after facing all the shame in geneva is still shameless to say that we will try to ban in the next 10 yrs.. well we r seriosly idiots 2 send them on power - b left or right..