Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Thanks to LG and Barber...."

I wanted to watch India's LAST match in ICC 2011. So, i came bit early to room; but power supply betrayed! So, after bath n lunch I went to the nearest LG show-room with Vishakh. Had a long-distant view @ a couple of TV's placed inside the LG-outlet through glass-wall. There were so many citizen around us to watch, clap and whistle often. We fed up of STANDING in hot spot. We wanted to SIT somewhere so badly! Being tired, we fueled us by breaking 2 tender coconuts from a street-entrepreneur. We thought that 'what to do next!?' Vishakh looked at my hair and smiled. I asked him, 'why are you smiling without any reason! huh?' He took me to the nearest barber-shop with TV-facility and i could sacrifice my hair to get a chance to fix our buttocks in SEATS, we remained there till the end of Aussies-batting. On return, i looked tidy and Vishakh was happy. We thanked the barber sincerely and he told us, 'come again to watch Sachin's century okay....?' He was cruelly though hopefully eying at Vishakh's short hair ;)

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